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Click here for a description of the new Angara river bridge project in Russian.

Traffic jam on the old bridge over the Angara river.

For a long time it has been known that without well-groomed, easily "readable" road you cannot have safe, comfortable travel. This is especially true in the case of bridges and their approach ramps.

On the right bank, a tall teletower dictates the route of the bridge's transition ramp. This ramp will wind around the tower and exit directly into the city center, as well as having offramps on side streets. The total extent of the bridge and all its transition ramps is 3750 meters, of which the bridge itself occupies only 1600 meters. On the right bank at Top Quay Street it will be anchored with the help of an earthen abutment 100 meters wide and 11 meters high. The main ramp, with six lanes of traffic, will flow directly into 5 Soviet Street. 

The approach ramp will cross  Komsomol'skuju, 4 Soviet, Communistic and Sedova Streets. An embankment 6 to 9 meters high will be built at along an existing broad gully, and an overpass will be erected over the intersection of Communistic and 4 Soviet Streets.. A similar overpass will be built on Sedova Street.

It is planned to reconstruct and expand Baikal Street as an alternative route. One more overpass will be constructed at Baikal Street near its crossing with 5 Soviet Street. The road comes to an end at Partizanskoj Street. The second direction will connect to July 3 Street, which will be reconstructed before the bridge transition opens.

The situation is easier on the left bank. Here the designers need only be concerned with the railway and Kuz'mihinskima Road. Taking into account both the impossibility of shutting down the railroad branch line that serves an industrial zone and the road's historical value as part of an old Trans-Siberian highway, the approach will probably be built as an enclosed two-level road. The flow of traffic exiting the bridge will be directed to the Pervomaiski Round-about, which can be exited in several directions..

Here, as well as on the right bank, it is necessary to remove many apartment houses. An existing approach ramp on Studgorodok will also need to be reconstructed. The approach road will also pass very closely along the side of the Ice Palace building. At the borders of traffic intersections with the bridge transition, reservoirs will be constructed to collect and clean rainwater before it is allowed to enter the Angara. A gutter running between flights of the bridge and transition road will channel the water to these reservoirs. By the way, our bridge will be the second in Russia to be built with a system to clean rainwater.

Today all work on the construction of approach roads is in the research and development stage of the design documentation. "GiprodorNII", according to Tatyana Ushakovoj, already is engaged in developing the documentation for the left bank, which will be handed to the customer when it is completed. The work is being financed by the city and surrounding area, with a budget of about 1,5 billion roubles.

Alexander ANTONENKO."Irkutsk" newspaper.



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