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3 ready sections on the right side of the Angara river


Construction of the new bridge through Angara was included in a new phase. The second timbering of a riding direction is almost ready to start. With its input, speed of construction will increase twice.

 Preparation for start of the second timbering comes to an end. The chief of a site Victor Ljashenko considers, that with its inputs construction will go twice faster. The second timbering, qualitatively differs from the first Canadian. She is made in Russia. " It Is natural, it is more pleasant to work with the Canadian timbering. Because she is more convenient, and more beautiful. New it is much worse because to have to adjust, " - speak builder.

Now on a building site there is a preparation for winter. On the first timbering have established teplak, the special device for concreting at minus temperatures. 

Officially term of delivery of the new bridge - 2003. But Victor Ljashenko considers, that most soon he will enter operation after the planned term approximately on two.

Natalia Stepanova/17:47 19.09.2001/ AS Baikal TV


Transsiberian railway

Irkutsk part of the old Trans-Siberian railway near the new bridge construction site.

Old water drenage under railway.


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Construction machines

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Left side, 1st of August 2001

to be continued...

March 2001 Right bank of the Angara

The construction of the new bridge over the Angara river continues. Presently the pouring of the concrete is finished in the third stairwell bridge. Work continues even into the night. Nighttime work by the bridgebuilders is considered unusual, but as a result the rate of installation of the "opalubka" a special iron form for concrete is proceeding two times faster than on the first two stairwells.

Newspaper "Segodnya v Irkutske" N 32 (150) 8 May 2001, Tuesday  

The reinforced concrete will fully harden in two days.

Left side of Angara river on May 2001


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