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Irkutsk Photo Album

Historical images

Some historic pictures from the 1904 travelogue "The Real Siberia" by John Foster Fraser, a britishman who traveled across Siberia in 1901 (photos by the author):

The painting from the 1889 travelogue "Russian Pictures" by Thomas Michell, a britishman who traveled across the Russian Empire in 1886 (pen and pencil drawing by the author):

  • The burning of Irkutsk in 1879

  • This images were got from:
    Rita Bogna
    Adelaide, South Australia


    Historical images

    The photos from the
    Library of Congress of USA

    Jackson, William Henry, 1843-1942, photographer.


    Historical images

    This images were got from:
    Alice Chandler, Ph. D.

    Modern images

    If you have your own the images of Irkutsk city , made by digital camera or scanning from paper photoes. I will be thankfull to you,if you send them to me to They will be published here free of charge with your Copyright, of course.
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