The museum of local history

The Irkutsk Regional Museum of Local History was founded on December 17, 1782, initiated by the Irkutsk Governor F.I.Klichka. The museum cooperated with the researchers and explorers of the world depute - E.Laksman, A.V.Potanin, V.A.Obruchev, N.M.Prezhevalsky, etc. The main Moresque-style building of the museum is a monument of architecture built by architect G.V.Rozen in 1881-1883 and in 1890-1891.
Now the museum includes a number of brick and wooden buildings of architectural heritage which were built in 17th to 20th centuries. Among them, there are the Savior's Church and the Decembrist's museum house. The museum possesses 350,000 exhibits, 250,000 of them are rarities.

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