Condolences on plane crash in Irkutsk

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I was devastated to hear the news as i have dear friends also in Irkutsk. We had the Kegworth Disaster here in the UK just 2 miles from my home and the impact of such a tragedy plays on everyones souls for months even years after. Pull together, be strong and grieve for those unfortuanate victims.
Deepest Symapthies,

Great Britain

Please know that the prayers of many Americans are with the people of Irkutsk lost in the plane crash and with their relatives. Having lived and worked in Russia since January of 1992, I have a better understanding of the additional hardships being endured. I also know that the people of Irkutsk will recover and have peace in time.

Robert E. Carter
Principal Associate
Carter Corbett & Tatar

Our hearts are with all the people who are sorrowed by the loss of their loved ones in the plane tragitey of Irkutsk.

Walter Swetlikoe
Penticton B.C.

Ya perevel poryadka USD 100 na schet Irkutskogo zavoda. Nadeus' chto den'gi budut potracheny s umom. Ne mogli by vy rasskazat' kto imenno s zavoda i iz OKB Sukhogo pogib v etoj catastrophe. U menya chisto professional'nyj interes.

Alexei Gretchikhine
Russian Aviation Page

I am saddened to hear of the air crash in Irkutsk. We've experienced similar grief
in Britain in Lockerbie. I also hope that the people I met in your town are OK like
Marina Perevalovna from the Institute of Foriegn Languages. As to the crash,
there are reports that contaminated fuel could be the culprit; hopefully this will
serve as a lesson that shortcuts can exact a terrible price.


I am an aviation buff and was very interested in the An-124. To see that enormous tail resting against that building was unbelievable. The tenants of that building must have been horrified. I wish the city a safe and healthy 1998!

Howard Berk
A Subsidiary of Japan Air Lines

It has been terrible to see the pictures from Irkutsk - I give my condolences to all attaced by this accident. I am studying Russian at university and work in an airport. Russia is very interesting to me and so are airplanes. I have seen this aircraft, visited it and now this! I hope you¦ll get on with your lives but I know it¦s hard! Best wishes to all and everyone involved in this terrible incident.

Peter WÄrnstrÜm
TranekÔrvej 58
room 65
8240 Risskov
tlf. 86 21 77 87 - 365

I am deeply sorry for your tremendous loss and devastation. My adoption agency is keeping us (adoptive parents and hopeful parents-to-be) abreast of special needs and prayer requests. We are deeply troubled. Please know our prayers are with you.


I was greatly saddened to hear of the plane crash in your city. It has received much coverage in the U.S. press. You should know our hearts and prayers are with you.

Nelson "Nick" Hardigg
Yale School of Management
phone: 203.777.8573; fax: 203.432.5995

Primite moi iskrennije soboleznovanija zhertvam tragedii.
Ben Eidus, Floridskij Universitet.

To: Mayor Vladimir Yakubovsky From: Mayor James D. Torrey and Galina Groza, President, Eugene-Irkutsk Sister City Committee Fax #: 541-682-5414 E-Mail: On behalf of the citizens of Eugene, we wish to express our heartfelt condolences to you and the citizens of Irkutsk on the tragedy which has befallen our friends. However possible, we want to cooperate in your time of great need. The Eugene-Irkutsk Sister City Committee is exploring options for assistance in connection with this catastrophe. Please keep us informed on what needs develop. With shock and grief at your terrible loss,

Mayor James D. Torrey                          Galina Groza, President
City of Eugene                                            Eugene-Irkutsk
Sister City Committee

My son, Grisha, was adopted from Irkutsk on April 2nd, 1997. This town and its people will always have a place in my heart. Seeing such tragedy in a place that brought me such happiness is hard to bear. At four a.m. this morning I found out that my son's orphanage was not the one hit and that my dearest friends who still live in Irkutsk are safe. I felt such relief! But such sadness still too, because while there is no personal connection to the injured and dead for me - they are somebody's children, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, family, and friends. The economy is so poor, the temperature so harsh, and the people so proud and wonderful... how can I not keep them in my thoughts and prayers long after this is no longer a "news worthy" story? Please God, be with these people in this place now and in the difficult future as they try to go on.

Katherine Wieczerza

I was so sorry to hear about the plane crash in Irkutsk and have been thinking about the families of the victims, the survivors and other citizens of Irkutsk. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Irkutsk is sister city to us in Eugene, Oregon, so there is something more personal about this tragedy.

Diane Daudt

Virozau svoi soboleznovania sem'am pogibshix i vsem Irkutianam Ia bival v Irkutske vo vremena svoei preznei zizni v Rossii. Pomnu i lublu etot prekrasnii gorod.

Ilia Redmond USA

Thank you very much for keeping people informed about the crash in Irkutsk. It is a tragedy. I have a very dear friend living in Irkutsk. Please tell me if any of the victims were students attending the University.
Celeste Larson

Thank you so much for posting information. We are the grateful adoptive parents of two children out of an orphanage in Irkutsk. The orphanage we adopted them from was very near the court building. Hopefully this orphanage was not involved in the crash. Our thoughts and well wishes are with all the poor souls involved in the crash.

Thank you, Allen and Julie Miguet

Please accept my family's deep regrets at your city's great loss. May Christmas bring all great strength to carry the heavy burden.

Marc Benjamin and family

On behalf of all Canadians I would like to say we are sorry for the loss of lives in IRKUTSK due to the plane crash.

F. Heizler and Family
Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

To the people of Irkutsk
It was with great shock and horror that the tragedy in Irkutsk was received here in Australia.
We watched and saw the devastation in the streets.
Our heats out to the people of Irkutsk, to the relatives of those lost in this disaster and we pray that your suffering will pass soon.
We are also aware that you are in the middle of winter in Siberia, please remember the warmth extended to you from all Australians who have been very moved about your predicament right now.
By means of the internet we would like to know how you are getting over the difficulties and hope that there can be some constructive benefit come out of this trouble. We shall be waiting and watching.
God will heal your loss and in time you will be able to come to terms. Time will heal your wounds.
Remember that we down here in Australia care about our Russian friends and we hope for your rapid return to normality.
Sincerely and in simpathy,

Ian Porter
Ordinary citizen, 
Perth Australia

I'm sorry to hear about your tragedy. I'm from Australia and will be travelling to Irkutsk very soon. I'm sure you will all find great strength to overcome such a disaster.
Deepest Sympathies Jason Vasilunas

I am deeply shocked to hear of the terrible disaster in your town this week. Though there is no-one in Irkutsk that I know, I hope that somehow you might pass on our condolances to the people who are suffering.

John Hayward-Warburton
Bromyard, England

I'd like to express my deepest condolences for the terrible tragedy in your town. I visit your site often, and it makes it seem very close to home when I see pictures of it on television or hear about it on VOR. There must be many people there who have lost their homes and all of their belongings, is there a place where we can send money or something to help them out? I know that money won't bring back the people who's lives were lost, but it may help the people who have lost all of their possessions and their homes, and there isn't anything else that I can do. I have a memorial page at:

Katherine Lawson
PO Box 266 Stonington, 
Maine 04681 USA

all we are sorry to hear about icident in aviation

Milan Kramberger
Dupleska cesta 252, 2000 Maribor Slovenia tel., ++386-62-415-924

My deepest condolences for families and friends of those who were killed and injured in a plane crash in Irkutsk. Here is a Web Page I created in Memory of all victims of this horrible tragedy

                          Alexander Krivenyshev
                          New Mexico, USA

I am sorry for the plane crash and hope you have no parents among the victims.

AMILCAR MORAIS, Lisboa, Portugal.

I am very sorry to hear about the terrible plane crash. Please express my sympathy and love for the local people you know. I live in Monterey Park, California, next to Los Angeles. It is so very sad that so many people died. I don't know how many more of these things will happen before air safety is improved in Russia.

We obviously have problems, here, too. TWA Flight 800 was shot down by the U.S. Navy, and our government is conducting a charade of a cover-up.

John F Williams

On behalf of all the people who live in my city of Medicine Hat,Alberta Canada, I would like to say how sorry we are to hear of the loss of lives in your city.

F Heizler and Family