1-2-3 Russian Visa


We can provide you with so a so-called tourist voucher. With the voucher you can obtain a single entry tourist visa at any Russian consulate. Maximum stay - 1 month. We will send the voucher to you by fax. Cost for the service is USD 60; we accept major credit cards. The service includes registration, so there is no need to come around while you are in Russia. We are registered with the Foreign Ministry of Russia and are officially authorised to issue tourist vouchers.

Fill out the form

Full name as shown on your passport:
Date of birth:
Sex: M F
Country of citizenship:
Passport number:
Country where you will apply for your visa:
Date of entry to Russia:
Date of departure from Russia (add a few days before and after to be on the safe side, maximum 1 month):
Cities you intend to visit in Russia
Your phone:
Fax number to which we should send the voucher::


If you have problems with submitting this form, e-mail your application to visa@irkutsk.org

What happens next?

  1. You will receive confirmation of your order within 12-24 hours.
  2. We will ask you to send your credit card information by fax.
  3. You will receive your voucher and can submit it to the nearest Russian consulate for obtaining your entry visa.

Should you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us at visa@irkutsk.org.

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