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Wide, wide and free the bondless Siberia lies behind the Ural mountains. For many centuries not only for foreign travelers but also for Russian themselves Siberia seemed to be "unknown ground", unsafe and barbarian.
And even now some people who come from foreign countries far away see our land as a god-forsaken hole or "the gigantic building site of century". And so Irkutsk opens for them even more brightly and suddenly the richness of its spiritual culture, painstakingly developed together about three centuries. And there are things to be astonished at.

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Here is a small collection of photos (JPEG, up to 96K)

"Museum of regional studies" (mirror copy in USA)
"White House". Now the library of Irkutsk State University (mirror copy in USA)
"The Angara Bridge" (mirror copy in USA)
"Hydrofoils Voskhod on the River Angara" (mirror copy in USA)
"Train station" (mirror copy in USA)
"Elderly couple in Irkutsk chopping wood for the winter" (mirror copy in USA)

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[audio] Omul Barrel melody - radio callsign (113 K)
[audio] Irkutsk radio weather forecast (868 K)

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[Baikal sunset]

Lake Baikal

The first visit to Lake Baikal leaves you with an impression of might, purity and grandeur. You begin to realize why local people speak reverently of the lake, as of a living creature, as though they believe it may take umbrage if they called it a lake instead of a sea. It is the deepest, cleanest and, with regards to its unique rich wildlife, rarest lake-sea in the world.

Do you know what is Pribaikal'e?

It is a territory on the west coast of Baikal, covered with unique flora and virgin taiga. 'Prebaikal'e' means literally "next to Baikal". Here you can find a lot of photos from Baikalo-Lenski nature reserve and Turka River region.

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For guests
our Russian style cordial ancient city
always radiates the warmth and the light
of its rich spiritual culture.

See you in Irkutsk!



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