Our friends about the service

After just having sent my second telegram to Kishinev, Moldova via this service, I need to tell you that this is probably the best deal I have found in years. Since I have friends and colleagues in Moldova and Karelia, I occasionally need to contact them. The mail seems to be unreliable and quite slow. Phone is really expensive and the time difference makes it really inconvenient to place calls. And the traditional telegram companies are very expensive. I had given up on finding a quick, affordable way to communicate until I learned about your company. Just a quick e-mail to you and the message is delivered very quickly.Thanks for providing a wonderful, efficient and affordable service for reaching some of the less accessable places in the CIS countries.

Linda Miller, Bloomington, Minnesota, USA

All the telegrams I had sent came to the recipient. There is also a notification when the job is done. Mainly I use this service to hold contact with a friend of me. Your service complete the russian mail service because your service is fast. You and your team are very helpful and I am lucky that I have found this service.

Karl Hoegerl, Regensburg, Germany