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Welcome to Irkutsk - the city of ...
Sukhoi jet industry

Baikal Lake - 1/5 of Earth's fresh water

"Science City" and 4 universities

World and olympic champions


Taiga and Trans-Siberian railroad

On-line reservation desk

These services are provided in cooperation with Tour International, a U.S. company specializing in group and individual travel to the Baikal area. For details call

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or e-mail to: tourinternational@irkutsk.org or info@tourinternational.com

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How to proceed

The following one-pass reservation form will guide you through available services and options for all parts of your travel: Visa support - flight to Russia - (Trans-Siberian Railway) - Accomodation and program in Irkutsk. You can book any combination of services, e.g. only visa voucher, visa + Trans-Siberian, etc.:

Visa voucher

Description: With this official tourist voucher (we are registered with Russian Foreign Office) you will be able to apply for your single-entry tourist visa (maximum of 30 days) at any Russian consulate in the world.
Price: USD 54, after USD 5 rebate just USD 49!
My (our) visa should start on (MM/DD/YY)
My (our) visa should be days long.

Coming to Russia by air

Description: We can issue airline tickets: New York-Irkutsk, Frankfurt-Irkutsk, USA-Moscow, USA-Peking, USA-Ekaterinburg, etc., with such companies as Lufthansa, Delta, Transaero, Aeroflot, etc. The tickets will be mailed to you worldwide.
Rebate: USD 10.

No, thanks. I booked the flight with a different company.
I/we want to fly directly to Irkutsk
I/we want to transfer to the Trans-Siberian Railroad in Other city:
Your nearest airports:
Approx. date of departure from home (allow +/- 3 days for optimal price/schedule) (MM/DD/YY)
Approx. date of return (allow +/- 3 days for optimal price/schedule) (MM/DD/YY)
Preferred companies:

Return flight

I want to fly home the same route
I want to fly home directly from Irkutsk
I/we want to leave Irkutsk by train and transfer to airplane in


Getting to Irkutsk by Trans-Siberian Railway

Description: We can issue tickets for the routes Moscow-Irkutsk (3 1/2 days), Ekaterinburg-Irkutsk (2 days), Peking-Irkutsk (2 days), Irkutsk-Moscow etc. The tickets will be mailed to you worldwide or brought to your hotel on arrival in Russia.
Rebate: USD 10.

Connect to my flight as above
I want connection: Other route:
in two bed compartment in four bed compartment
I want one way I want to go back the same route

In Irkutsk

Description: We can offer standard packages as well as individual plans. These include Bed and Breakfast family accomodations, excursions in Irkutsk city, trip to Listvyanka at Baikal Shore, etc. You can be as independant as you want--get around by yourself, book one or more day or half-day excursions, or book a complete all-around package.

All-around packages

Carefully designed package will include accomodation, transfers, day tours, trips to Baikal etc.

I want standard package for 3-4 days. Rebate $20
I want standard package for 5-8 days. Rebate $20

Day or half-day tours - combine yourself

Irkutsk City tour - 2,5 hours
Lake Baikal - day tour
Taltsy Museum of Architecture and Ethnography - half-day tour


Family B&B plus dacha at Baikal, $30-50 per room
Sun Hotel****, $90-200 per room


Additional services

Please include in my order:
prepaid GSM SIM-card
satellite Iridium phone


Please tell us as much as possible about what services would you like, your schedule, plans, preferences etc.

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