Mail-E-mail service

In order to foster international cultural exchange and provide more reliable and fast way of communication for people without Internet access we established this service.

Usual "snail-mail" takes sometimes 3 weeks or more to reach Russian addressee from abroad. If you have these problems while sending letters to Irkutsk or another place in Russia, you are welcome to use our gate E-mail -> postal service.

Send an e-mail with a text and address to specified address, we will print it out and send your letter in an envelope to your addressee in Russia.

Warning: russian postal service it is also not very fast. Usually it takes from 5 to 10 days for letters to be delivered. Letters get lost sometimes. If you need to send urgent message and want to be sure that it is delivered, use our Telegramm Gate.

Click here to write and send your letter

Use this form or send your letters by e-mail to webmaster (see below for address).
Incoming e-mails are printed and sent off by postal service this or next working day. You will receive receipt when your letter is sent off. Letters written in Russian with using of KOI-8 (preferable) and Alt code table are accepted. We can type in short answer from your correspondent and send it to your e-mail address, notice this in your e-mail. Lost of re-sended letters by russian postal service is not under our responsibility.
Confidence while re-sending is guaranteed.

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