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"Quality services" is a project which links the businesses that can help to make your trip more easy and enjoyable, yet adventurous. We feature such companies as Transaero Airlines, Yahoo Travel, Baikal Home, Conterna and others that offer services for travellers to Irkutsk and Lake Baikal. Watch this page - we will add more companies and services as soon as we make sure that they conform our quality standards. Have a nice trip!

WWW Irkutsk

Find/Book a Flight to Irkutsk

We feature Transaero at this site for several reasons: they fly Boeings and have higher safety standards, better service inside Russia, and tastier meals.

There are two airline companies with flights to Irkutsk:

  • Transaero Airlines (over Moscow)
  • Aeroflot (over Moscow, Osaka, Bejing, Ulan-Bator).
  • Transaero booking services:
    Toll free USA and Canada: 800 957-2658
    Los Angeles: 310 641-9482
    New-York: 212 5820505, fax. 212 582-0735
    Frankfurt: 069 9218710

    Booking flights directly from Transaero may be cheaper. They also may provide dicounted connections with partner airlines from many cities.

    Flight schedule: Mo, We, Fr, Sa: Frankfurt-Moscow-Irkutsk

  • (Try different dates to get connections with Transaero; it is cheaper if you use the same airline there and back.)
  • BOOK DIRECTLY at Transaero
    See phone numbers at the right.

  • TIP: If you must make connections between two different airlines - your changeover city must be abroad and not in Russia. E.g. take your local carrier to Frankfurt and then Transaero Airlines to Frankfurt - Moscow - Irkutsk. Do not change airlines inside Russia. Why? If you miss connection because of delay - only a Russian company will be liable to provide you with next flight opportunity, shuttle and hotel in case you must stay overnight.

    Orient Express

    This luxurious train goes on the Trans-Siberian rails from Moscow to Peking. Swiss owned and managed. You can book just the (Siberian) part of the route. Example: Fly to Ekaterinburg, board the Orient Express, and get out in Irkutsk 3 days later.

    Information and booking:
    Germany toll-free: 0800-1827521
    Switzerland toll-free: 0800-862685
    International: country code of Germany is 49, omit first 0

    Mention WWW Irkutsk for discount.

    Rent a Car


    PER DAY 40 USD
    All cars with driver. A reservation fee of 9 USD is required as a guarantee of your reservation.

    Reservation request and availabilty check:

    Reserve at reservations@irkutsk.com

    Taxi CAB

    Taxi and transfer services since 1997. You can request larger cars (Volvo, Lincoln) or minibus (8 passengers).

    Information and orders:
    www.taxi.irk.ru In Russian
    Order desk: 220022 or 550022
    Orders by email here. To request a discount for your journey, mention WWW Irkutsk.

    Reserve an Accomodation

    Reserve your room at Irkutsk Bed and Breakfast "Baikal Home". Rates, description and reservations here.

    Bagira Banner


    express pizza delivery service

    ul. Karla Marksa, 12
    664000 Irkutsk

    Order on-line under construction
    Order by phone Dial order desk at 279759 or 334830
    Order by fax 334830

    Short except from the menu (prices may vary)

    Dish ordering in Russian Approx.
    price in US$
    Main course
    Pizza salamipitsa s saliami3
    Pizza chickenpitsa s kuritsei3
    Meat "Siberian gourmet" miAso po-sibIrski 2
    Pork Steak stake, as in English 2
    Chicken breast kuricu 2
    Sig (Baikal fish) baikAlskiy sig 2
    Fried potato kartOfel frI 1
    Rice ris 1
    Seasonal salad salAt svEzhyi 1
    Salad "Bagira" salAt bagIra 2
    Coca-Cola, Fanta 0,5
    Apple Juice jAblochnyi sok 0,5
    Beer Irkutskoe pIvo irkUtskoe 1
    Martini 4
    Delivery surcharge 2

    Full menu: page 1, page 2, page 3

    Payment in Roubles upon delivery. Delivery within Irkutsk city in about 40 minutes.

    TNT Express

    Delivery of small packages within Irkutsk city is USD 3.

    Order desk (Russian and English): 3952 258247


    Courier service

    • Express delivery of packages and goods within Irkutsk metro, direct mail
    • Flower delivery
    • Airport pickup (book in advance from departure airport)
    E-mail: katrin@buk.irk.ru

    Mir Tsvetov (World of Flowers)

    Florist shop and delivery

    Large bouquet of fresh flowers to be delivered within Irkutsk city.
    • Price for Irkutsk USD 29 including delivery
    • Add USD 5 for included printed message
    • Add USD 10 for delivery in Angarsk
    • Major credit cards accepted
    Please submit your order 24 hours prior to intended delivery. Order e-mail: flowers@irkutsk.org


    On-line food store

    • Reasonable prices, sometimes lower than in a street store
    • Good choice of vegetables, meat, cheese and milk products
    • Same day FREE delivery during business hours within Irkutsk city
    • Tested by WWW Irkutsk
    Russian URL: http://zavernite.irkutsk.ru



    • "Western"-like supermarket
    • Good choice of fresh products and beverages
    • Prices are somewhat higher than elsewhere
    How to get there:

    Situated near Dekabrskix sobytii Street and Orbita shop. Take a tram from the central market.

    Calling home from Irkutsk

    Global one card

    Global One

    This method works from any public or private home and doesn't cost a cent for the telephone owner. The Global One access number is a local Irkutsk number, no charges apply.

    Please note that this method doesn't work with the Global One Calling Card; you must purchase a "Contact Card" directly in Irkutsk).

    • Purchase a 20-, 50-, 100- or 500-unit card from Global One - Irkutsk, ulica Bogdanova, 8, Phone: 340200. Rates are about 15 cents per unit, calling the USA is about 10 units or 1,5 USD per minute.
    • After obtaining a card, rub the black box to uncover the card number.
    • Dial the access number in Irkutsk - 255100.
    • Skip the prompt in Russian and wait for an English speaking operator.
    • Tell the operator the card number and the number you want to talk to.
    If you want to purchase a Global One Contact Card in advance, we will be happy to ship it to you and charge it to your major credit card. 500 units card, valid 1 year, worldwide shipping or delivery to any address in Irkutsk. USD 73. Order from reservations@irkutsk.com

    AT&T calling card

    Access numbers in Irkutsk:

    8 (wait for continuous tone) 10 800-110-1011

    To apply:
    Dial AT&T access number in your country. You may also use the service without subscription by giving your credit card details for every call (not available for all destination countries).

    Calling cards

    Access numbers in Irkutsk:

    8 (wait for continuous tone) 10 800 1202011
    8 (wait for continuous tone) 10 800 1102011

    These access numbers are valid throughout all Russia for all 3 cards. Not avalable from street phones. From home phones access is free. Operators speak English, Russian, German, Italian, Hebrew, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese.

    To apply:

    See Global One site for details.


    Before you go to Irkutsk do the following two steps.

    1. Sign-up for Enlinea Callback service here. Tested by WWW Irkutsk: no monthly, minimum or sign-up fees, no costs in Irkutsk. Calls are billed directly to your credit card. Rate to the U.S.A. - $ 0,52, on-line statements available. You will need to be ready to provide the number in Irkutsk that you will call from (type it like: 01173952XXXXXX, where XXXXXX is the number in Irkutsk). You can change it later by phone or by e-mail at support@enlinea.com.

    2. Buy a tone dialer here. You will need it in order to communicate with the callback system, since most of the phones in Irkutsk are touch phones. Current price $ 5,69.

    To call from Irkutsk:

    1. Dial U.S. callback access number: 8-(tone)-10-1-(access number).
    2. Hang up after the first beep. The Irkutsk number is not charged.
    3. The system will call you back and provide you with a U.S. dial tone.
    4. Dial your destination number using the tone dialer.

    Interpreter, E-mail/Fax access

    Book at reservations@irkutsk.org

    Russian Visa

    Submit dates to reservations@irkutsk.org Allow 6 weeks for processing.

    Local Tours

    please request at reservations@irkutsk.org

    More information about flights, trains, etc. can be found in Guide to Irkutsk.

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