Internet Roaming in Irkutsk area

Providers with dial-up roaming access in the Irkutsk region. Sign up at home, use in Irkutsk.

Note: Using roaming access is expensive. Therefore it pays only for brief occasional use. In the long run it is much cheaper to sign up with a local Internet Service Provider.

iPass network

GRIC network

Sprint/Global One

Sprint Global One

Some other large ISPs can use Sprint roaming numbers as well. Consult your provider before your travel. You may need additional software or special activation for the international roaming.

While in the Irkutsk area dial the city closest to your location:

City City code* number
Angarsk 218 9-4821
Bratsk 23 42-0620
Irkutsk 22 33-6116
Usolje-Sibirskoe 243 4-5110
Ust-Ilimsk 235 5-7365
* city code is valid for calls from inside the Irkutsk region. If calling from outside, replace first 2 with 395.

If there are problems, dial another city. Try the lowest speed connection first.

Access from local provider

If you need high speed access from a local provider, dial "Business Net - Irkutsk" in Irkutsk at 510506 or 420506. Ask for an English-speaking operator. If you want to activate your access before your trip, write to and have it charged to your major credit card.

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