Irkutsk day by day

Selected captioned images from the "Daily photos from Irkutsk" collection.
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Discovery monument at night

Kazanskaya church on Barrikad street

Eye microsurgery clinic on Lermontova street

Society for protection of old architecture, Angara bank

Shopping centre in the downtown area

Dramatic theatre

Energy institute in Akademgorodok

Lake in residential area near Dekabskih Sobytii

Central streets

V-day fireworks

Shyapov monument

Kazanskaya church in Barrikad

Downtown Angara

Central streets

Office building in Kirov Square

Picturesque view of backstreet near Angara

Building site near Markovo

Residential area in Dekabrskih Sobytii

Central streets

Hydrofoil Raketa in maintainance facility, Solnechny

Hot day, fountain near Music Theatre

Medical centre on Baikalskaya street

Monument to the pilots Kalvitsa and Leongradt

Baikalskaya next to Music Theathre

Park near Dramatic Theatre

Angara bank near Solnechny

Central station at night

Kuybyshev plant

Museum of Decembrists

Old drugstore in central market

Monument to killed policemen

Downtown at night

Last snow, near Planetarium

Razina street

Central Station

Modern monument

Eye clinics

Gate to central park

Office of Trans-Siberian railway

Restaurant "House of Smith", Dzerzhinskogo

Digital backbone satellite dish, Telegraph

Savior church

Academy of Economics

University library, Khalturina street

Rogal art gallery on Khalturina street

Former Russo-Asiatic Bank

Monument to war hero General Beloborodov

Rodnik bookstore in Litvinova

Renovated wooden house on Dekabrsdkih Sobytii street

Central streets

Restaurant, Central Station

Ice-breaker Angara, now a museum