The Irkutsk Regional Okhlopkov Drama Theatre will be in Eugene [Oregon]
October 21 and 22 to present the play "From America With Love."  The
play is based on the true story of an American and his Irkutian wife.
The performance will be in Russian with simultaneous translation into 
English available with the use of headsets.

   Nelly Matkhanova, the playwright, arrived in Eugene in early October.
Matkhanova is a journalist and author from the Buriat Republic, which is
located within the Russian Federation south of Irkutsk.  "From America
With Love" is her most recent project.
   The play's performance was well-received in Irkutsk in June of this year,
and its American run, which began in Santa Cruz, California,
will end in Portland on October 27. 
   The Okhlapkov Drama Theatre will present "From America With Love" with
a cast of 20. The play is based on the true story of Scotty Sclocchini and 
Lida Maivskaya's American-Siberian romance.  Scotty, a retired American 
veteran of World War II, visited Moscow as a tourist during the Cold War 
period. There he met Lida, a teacher from Irkutsk, and they fell in love.  
The play spans their six-year courtship and the obstacles they overcame to
be together.
   The October 21 showing will be at 7:30pm, and at 2:00 pm on
October 22.  Tickets are available through the Hult Center.
Call 687-5000.