Portland, OR Env. Baikal Russia Talk

Date: Fri, 27 Oct 1995 11:29:30 -0700
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Subject: Portland, OR Env. Baikal Russia Talk
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October 27, 1995                    	Michael Segal (503)-229-6734

EWBA Presents "A Celebration of Russia."  Special Emphasis on Ties to 
Lake Baikal.

     Oregonians have developed strong ties with Eastern Russia in the 
business realm and in promoting a protected natural environment.  The 
East West Business Association, along with the Portland-Khabarovsk 
Sister City Association and the World Affairs Council, will hold a 
reception and presentation on Wednesday November 8 at 5:30 in the Nordic 
Room in the basement of Smith Memorial Center, Portland State University, 
1825 SW Broadway.  Admission is $4.00 for non-members and $2.00 for students.

     Portland, through the sponsorship of WAC, is currently playing host
to over twenty young entrepreneurs and local leaders from the Russian
cities of Irkutsk and Ulan Ude.  EWBA and the other sponsors are welcoming
them to Oregon with a brief reception to start the Celebration of Russia. 

     A presentation on Lake Baikal will follow entitled "The Sacred Lake:
Preserving Russia's Environmental Treasure." 

	Alexei Nikifornov is a founder of the Baikal Institute for 
Econology and Natural Resource Use, a Russian non-profit dedicated to 
maintaining Baikal's environmental integrity.

	Zane Smith is Senior Vice President of Programs for Oregon-based 
Ecologically Sustainable Development, Inc. (ESD) which was awarded a $3 
million grant from USAID to work with Russian government officials and 
citizens to create a plan for  resource and land management.

	Andrea Lafayette-Fisher, of Portland, has just returned from 
three months as ESD's development coordinator in the Baikal area and is 
also US director of the Irkutsk Information Center.

	Lake Baikal is the worl's largest lake and harbors more than 1800 
unique species of plant and animal life.  Russians consider it the 
"clean, clear heart of the world, and an environmental treasure."  The 
lake is but one region in the vast Siberian area where unparalleled 
pristine beauty and great environmental damage are side by side.	

	The East West Business Association holds a meeting on the first
Wednesday of each month.  This month marks an exception.  EWBA promotes
business ties and other contacts between the Portland area and former
Soviet Bloc Countries.