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ralogo2.gif (662 bytes) "Angara river" - folk song
ralogo2.gif (662 bytes) Our English guest tells about Irkutsk and western stereotypes of winter in Siberia
ralogo2.gif (662 bytes) Folk song "Slavnoe More Svyashcheny Baikal"
ralogo2.gif (662 bytes) Callsigns of IGTRK - Irkutsk state radio



Ancient winter games at the Museum of Wooden Architechture

At the Lake Baikal (RealVideo)

At the railway station Slyudyanka near Irkutsk (RealVideo)

Circumbaikal - preserved Trans-Siberian as it was built in 1900s (RealVideo)

Yacht regatta at Baikal - yachts and landscape download .mpg 0,7 MB

Another video from regatta at Baikal, Angara shore download .mpg  1,4 MB

Yacht club Istok (Website in Russian)

Scientific convention near Irkutsk download .mpg 5,5 MB

Accordionist in the shopping area download .mpg 5,3 MB

Forest near Irkutsk download .mpg 5,3 MB

Souvenir market at Baikal shore in Listvyanka download .mpg 5,3 MB

American visitor at the Baikal shore download .mpg 5,3 MB

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Trans-Siberian, outside and inside the train download .mov 0.5 MB (purchase VHS video here)

Nature: Brown bear download .avi 3.6 MB

Nature: Baikal Seal download .avi 7 MB

Nature: Lynx download .avi 1 MB

Nature: Baikal Cedar download .avi 2 MB

Nature: Mixed forest from helicopter download .avi 2 MB

Nature: Fir forest download .avi 4 MB

Furs farm download .avi 5 MB

Nature: Lambs download .avi 4.7 MB

Nature: Pine forest in winter download .avi 2 MB

Nature: Trans-Sib train in winter Taiga download .avi 5.4 MB

Nature: Taiga in summer download .avi 2 MB

Nature: Wooden architecture download .avi 40 MB

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