List of Web sites about the Multiple Sclerosis on which you will find information pertaining to the different medications that are available or are being tested at this time.

  • An Email Based File Service

    Mailing does not reach a Human. To use this system try
    No Subject is required, it ignores it anyway. In the body (text) of the email you put the commands, each on a separate line.

    For example:
    info ms-docs
    index ms-docs
    get ms-docs
    get ms-docs whatharm.txt
    get ms-docs problist
    get ms-docs swank
    get ms-docs FAQ

    The 1st command get's this file. The 2nd get's an an index of all the docs which will have a short description of the contents and the file name to use in the 'get' command. The next commands will cause the named files in the third word to be mailed to you. You will have to find the file name in the index. The last command (end) is optional but if you have an automatic signature included by your mail program you may get a warning of a possible error. If you include the end command it will stop this.

    If you include the word HELP on one line on it's own you get the help message.

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