'Vitimskii' meteorite

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The scientists of three research institutes of Irkutsk left for the past output into the Mamsko - Chuyskiy region. For scientists it was possible to take samples of snow, which can contain the cosmic dust it it had to remain on the way of the incidence in the  meteorite. Many trees with the damages by metal are discovered. Now the assembled materials are processed. In their medium they will deliver into Irkutsk. But scientists with confidence even now speak that on the night of 25 September 2002  in this place above the Earth exploded the meteorite.

Russian scientists locate site of meteorite crash

The Associated Press


MOSCOW (AP) - Russian scientists say they have found the spot in Siberia where a giant meteorite came crashing to Earth last year.

The researchers from the Kosmopoisk, or Space Search, research group told Rossiya state television Thursday that they believe a burned-out tract of taiga about 700 miles north of the city of Irkutsk is the spot where one or more meteorites fell on Sept. 25.

Vadim Chernobrov, Kosmopoisk's coordinator, said the meteorite crash was "comparable to the force of a medium atomic bomb."

"In other words, this is a colossal historic event," he told Rossiya. "I'm simply happy that we were the first at the epicenter."

Chernobrov said that after examining the site, the research team believes two meteorites actually fell, not just one, as previously thought.


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