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Sites in Irkutsk

Jack Sheremetoff Web Site New!
Business Net-Irkutsk
Irkutsk-on-the-Net Webserver
Irkutsk Calculate Chamber
Irkutsk State University

IREX in Irkutsk
WWW Irkutsk FTP server
Max Chernykh Home Page
MAXsoft Lab. Home Page
Fractal Lab. Home Page
Fedor Babanine Home Page
Alex Gornakov Home Page

Irkutsk-related sites on the INTERNET

Eugene homepage Irkutsk and Eugene (Oregon in the USA) are sister cities
Link A Family Pen-Pal Site Irkutsk-Eugene
List of Russian web servers
Republic of Buryatia Web Our neighbour
"Friends and Partners" program.
Eurasia Foundation - grantmaking organization that has a lot of projects in Irkutsk
FIDO-Net in Irkutsk
Subscribe to local Irkutsk newspapers in USA
Elections and democracy in Irkutsk: comments on Irkutsk
Atlas information on Irkutsk
Web page about Irkutsk, Lake Baikal and KURORT ANGARA in Germany
A Russia Phototrack
HGJ's Trans-Siberian page Photos and links about the Trans-Siberian Railway
Keena's Virtual Tour of Siberia in Summer (includes Irkutsk)
Keith West: Trans-Siberian RR
How to send express mail and parcels to Irkutsk within 5 working days: ITS Inc.
How to get here: Trans-Siberian Railroad
International Electronic Magazine The world around Baikal
Siberian Experience Includes photos of Irkutsk and Listvianka. By Nate Lipsen
Eric Bernard Gropp on Irkutsk A nice description of shopping possibilities and life in Irkutsk
Rotary Club in Irkutsk
SiberianDeal / Irkutsk
Home page of Galina Mazepova Scientist at Limnological Institute, Listvyanka
Welcome to Yourtown! The Benjamin Chronicles
"A Russian Chronicle" project
CONVERSATION WITH INFAMOUS MENAGERIE. Irkutsk recording, by MikeK, Exciting Rock Journalist
How to Travel to Mongolia through Erkhuud (Mongolian for Irkutsk)
Irkutsk in THE BROTHERS KARAMAZOV by Dostoevsky
Irkutsk in USENET - last news from Irkutsk. Result of Alta Vista Search Engine

Other interesting sites on the INTERNET

International Rule of Law Clearinghouse Online
Russian Cookbook (in Russian,KOI-8)
Communications Company MARK-ITT A very good site!
HTML language description, Russian, KOI8. Very good.
Hypertext book about the INTERNET Russian, KOI8.
xUSSR archive. City telephone codes etc.
Order Russian CDs
"VESTI" ("NEWS") - The only Canadian Russian Language National Newspaper
The St Petersburg Press Home Page
The latest news from Radio Liberty
Weather Maps/Movies
Sponsored teaching positions for foreigners in Russia
Good summary of Russian news links
Russian-Soviet collectables Web Page. Funny
Biljo cartoons Very funny

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