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Irkutsk, Left 
coast area

Left coast area
(Akademgorodok, Melnikovo, Yubileinyi, Gorkogo, Kirova, Linina. Zhilkino, part of the city center)
(JPEG, 1,6 MB)

Right coast area

Right coast area
(Marata, Parfenovka, Pad'-Topka, Iskra, Rabochee, Dzerzhinsk, Solnechny, Molodezhnyi, part of the city center)
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Maps and satellite images

wround.gif (977 bytes) Clickable map of Irkutsk

wround.gif (977 bytes) Panorama of Irkutsk from the TV tower New!

wround.gif (977 bytes) Clickable Map of Irkutsk Region and Baikal Lake by Expedia

Distances between Irkutsk and world cities

Irkutsk airport

wround.gif (977 bytes) Satellite image of Irkutsk, Low resolution (275K)

wround.gif (977 bytes) Satellite image of Irkutsk, High resolution (see information box to the right)

wround.gif (977 bytes) Layout of city districts (187K)

wround.gif (977 bytes) Satellite image of the Irkutsk area (58K)

wround.gif (977 bytes)  City district "Akademgorodok" (147K)

wround.gif (977 bytes) Route to Listvyanka, Baikal shore (74K)

wround.gif (977 bytes) Map of Listvyanka, Baikal shore (97K)

wround.gif (977 bytes) Detailed layout of city districts (53K)

wround.gif (977 bytes) Physical map of Irkutsk Oblast (81K)

wround.gif (977 bytes) Satellite image of Irkutsk (123K, Date Acquired:06-DEC-2000, Upper Left Latitude: 52.1884, Upper Left Longitude:104.4552, Upper Right Latitude: 52.1854, Upper Right Longitude: 104.2797, Lower Right Latitude: 52.2716, Lower Right Longitude: 104.2786, Lower Left Latitude: 52.2747, Lower Left Longitude: 104.4561, Sun Azimuth: 168.1676, Sun Elevation: 14.6022, Satellite Tilt Angle: 69.2442) Source:

wround.gif (977 bytes) Carterra Java Map

wround.gif (977 bytes) Satellite photo (south Baikal and Irkutsk) (4510K) Source: NASA Earth from Space


Maps to print
Available in JPEG and Adobe Acrobat PDF high resolution formats

Mapto viewto print
Irkutsk downtown, colour map JPG, 206 K PDF, 455 K
Sightseeing in downtown Irkutsk, colour, English See belowPDF, 556 K
Transport map of Irkutsk downtown, black & white JPG, 456 K PDF, 642 K
Transport map of the left coast area
(including Akademgorodok), black & white
JPG, 469 K PDF, 125 K

wcross.gif (1068 bytes) Sightseeing locations in the center of Irkutsk (Click with right button to open in new window) (348K) (printable copy with legend - PDF, 556 K)

Legend for use with Sightseeing map

1. Young Pioneers Palace - 5 ulitsa Zhelyabova
2. Memorial to the Soviet People's Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45
3. The house where Sergei Kirov lived illegally in 1909 - 2 ulitsa Khalturina
4. The building where Jaroslav Haiek worked in 1920 - 22 ulitsa Karia Marksa
5. The Decembrists' House-Museum (Sergei Trubetskoy's house) - 64 ulitsa Dzerzhinskogo
6. Regional Fine Arts Museum - 5 ulitsa Lenina
7. Branch of the Regional Fine Arts Museum - 23 ulitsa Karia Marksa
8. Nature Museum - 13 ulitsa Karia Marksa
9. Museum of Regional Studies - 2 ulitsa Karia Marksa
10. Statue of Lenin
11. Irkutsk Regional Library - 23 ulitsa Chekhova
12. Scientific Library of Irkutsk State University (Bely Dom) - 24 buivar Gagarina
13. Youth Theatre - 13 ulitsa Lenina
14. The Okhiopkov Drama Theatre - 14 ulitsa Karia Marksa
15. Philharmonic Society - 2 ulitsa Dzerzhinskogo
16. Musical Comedy Theatre - 23 ulitsa Lenina
17. Monument to the Builders of the Trans-Siberian Railway - buivar Gagarina
18. House of Friendship with Peoples of Foreign Countries - 54 ulitsa Lenina
19. Circus - 13 ulitsa Proletarskaya
20. Planetarium - 8 ulitsa Pyatoy Armii
21. Palace of Sports - 48 ulitsa Lenina
22. Arktika Restaurant - 26 ulitsa Karia Marksa
23. Arts and Crafts Centre - 36 ulitsa Dzerzhinskogo
24. Monument to Valerian Kuibyshev ulitsa Karia Marksa
25. Angara Hotel - 7 ulitsa Sukhe-Batora
26. Sibir Hotel - 18 ulitsa Lenina
27. Gornyak Hotel - 21 ulitsa Lenina

28. Podarki (gifts) - 35 ulitsa Karia Marksa
29. Radiotovary (radios, etc.) - 37 ulitsa Karia Marksa
30. Kulttovary (household goods) - 39 ulitsa Karia Marksa
31. Melodia (musical records) - 41 ulitsa Karia Marksa
32. Suveniry (souvenirs) - 23 ulitsa Karia Marksa
33. Sporttovary (sporting goods). Rodnik (books) - I ulitsa Litvinova
34. Almaz (jewellery) - 17 ulitsa Sukhe-Batora
35. Zoologicheski (pets) - 18 ulitsa Karia Marksa
36. Politicheskaya kniga (political books) - 20 ulitsa Karia Marksa
37. Znaniye (books) - 15 ulitsa Lenina
38. Rechnoi vokzal (Boat Station), Zvioizdochka (Little Star) Pier
39. Aeroflot - 29 ulitsa Gorkogo

wline.gif (2189 bytes)


Comfortable trains pass through Irkutsk on the Trans-Siberian Railroad:


wline.gif (2189 bytes)



Niigata/Japan - Irkutsk           N/A        weekly
Anchorage - Khabarovsk - Irkutsk  Aeroflot   2 times a week
Seattle - Khabarovsk - Irkutsk    Aeroflot   2 times a week

Highly recommended flights are Frankfurt - Moscow - Irkutsk (about USD 800 roundtrip, USD 600 for students) with Transaero air company. Good service and reliabilty.

Domestic airlines

Irkutsk - Moscow                             Moscow - Irkutsk
Irkutsk-St.Peterburg                        St.Peterburg-Irkutsk
Irkutsk-Khabarovsk                          Khabarovsk-Irkutsk
Irkutsk-Yakutsk                             Yakutsk-Irkutsk
Irkutsk-Novosibirsk                         Novosibirsk-Irkutsk
Irkutsk-Vladivostok                         Vladivostok-Irkutsk
Irkutsk-Magadan                             Magadan-Irkutsk

Check or CAVS for schedule, prices and reservations

Russian Visum for Germans

We recommend this quick and reliable Visum service (no invitation required) by:

Viktor Spomer
Konsular Service
Postfach 1449
53584 Bad Honnef

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Local transport

Interurban bus

There are many bus routes between the small suburban towns and Irkutsk city. The main routes are to Angarsk (every day) and to Listvyanka/Lake Baikal (every 2 hours).

Suburban trains (elektrichka)

You can reach any small railway station near Irkutsk via these trains.


There are a number of hydrofoil routes down the river Angara and up to Lake Baikal. They run only in the summer time.

City's public transport

Click here for a city map.

BUSES, TROLLEY BUSES (electric buses), and TRAMS (on tracks)
operate on an honour system. Tickets (called "taloni") are the same for all three and can be purchased in a 10-pack from the driver, at kiosks situtated near bus stops, and at some other kiosks. To validate your ticket, slide it into the top of one of the devices mounted on the walls, and punch it. During the day, especially in the city centre, these forms of transportation can get extremely crowded. People often pass their tickets through the crowd to someone standing near a punching device. If you are handed a ticket, please pass it along or punch it and pass it back, as appropriate.

If you travel without a ticket and an inspector catches you, you will be fined 20,000 rubles. (Make sure to get a receipt when you pay the fine.)

Tram numbers are posted on small signs hanging on wires above the street. Trams stop in the middle of the street, but you can wait on the sidewalk. When a tram approaches, cars are obliged to stop and wait for passengers getting on and off the tram.


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