Prepaid GSM in Irkutsk (Baikalwestcom GSM-900)

Want to have mobile access in Irkutsk?

You receive:


Insurance deposit* USD 80
Prepaid card* USD 22
Service charge USD 69
Shipping country specific
(example USA and Europe: USD 30)
* will be refunded after you return the SIM-card and unused prepaid cards.

Coverage map. Click on the picture to enlarge

Connection rates in USD per minute

all incoming calls/outgoing calls to Irkutsk 0-6 0.04
all incoming calls/outgoing calls to Irkutsk 6-24 0.49
outgoing to Russian national 0-24 1.92
outgoing to Europe 0-24 3.60
outgoing to USA 0-24 4.20
outgoing to all other countries 0-24 4.80
Charge increment is 1 second starting from 1st second of call

How to order and use

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