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Wide and free, the vast landmass of Siberia lies behind the Ural mountains. For many centuries not only for foreign travelers but also for Russian themselves Siberia seemed to be "unknown ground", unsafe and barbaric.
And even now some people who come from far foreign countries still seem to regard our land as a god-forsaken hole or "the gigantic building site of the century". And so Irkutsk opens to them even more brightly and suddenly the richness of its spirit and culture, which have been developed under enormous difficulties and hardships for about three centuries. And there are things to be astonished at.

Siberia Belies Its Somber Image An article from The New York Times on Irkutsk

HISTORY: Short historical essay - Decembrists in Irkutsk - Irkutsk Chronicle - Famous people in history - Trans-Siberian RailRoad in the  world history - From the Sea to the River:  Admiral Aleksandr Kolchak  and the Russian Civil War  - Mme. Pola - fashion designer from Irkutsk - 1985 is the history already New!


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Baikal Forum, Sep 20-23, 2000
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Putin in Irkutsk, Feb 18, 2000
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Airplane Crash, Dec 6, 1997
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The first visit to Lake Baikal leaves you
with an impression of might, purity and grandeur...

Click here to enter Lake Baikal website

Review: At this page you will find a photo album of Baikal's
wild nature, information and links


Tvoi gorod.com

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Reflections about Tungus meteorite

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ralogo2.gif (662 bytes) "Angara river" - folk song
ralogo2.gif (662 bytes) Our English guest tells about Irkutsk and western stereotypes of winter Siberia
ralogo2.gif (662 bytes) Folk song "Slavnoe More Svyashcheny Baikal"
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Ancient winter games in the Museum of Wooden Architechture

Yacht regate at Baikal - yachts and landscape download .mpg 0,7 MB

Another video from regate at Baikal, Angara shore download .mpg  1,4 MB

Yacht club Istok (Website in Russian)



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Dear guests!
Our historic city will welcome you with its typical Russian friendliness,
radiating the warmth and the light of its rich culture.

   Museums of Russia - WWW.MUSEUM.RU

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