INTERNET in Irkutsk

Key sites of Irkutsk providers

The sites are in Russian (KOI8 and Windows cp1251).
Business Net-Irkutsk - (the largest provider)
Irkutsk-on-the-Net Webserver - (The second largest provider)
Irkutsk State University

If you wish to connect to the Internet in Irkutsk, you must have your own computer, modem, and phone line, of course.

Business Net-Irkutsk

There are two types of individual Internet accounts and payment schedules, as shown below. All prices are shown in roubles. USD equivalents are approximate, based on exchange rate on 04/04/1997: USD, 1$ = 5739 roubles

1.Connection ONLINE via Netscape or Internet Explorer.

Registration, installation, help getting started 250,000 r ($43.5)
  Price per:
1 minute 1 KB
Connection to Internet, WWW
    daytime: 06.00-24.00
    nightime: 24.00-06.00
450 r ($0.08)
100 r ($0.02)
E-mail *** 60 r ($0.01)


2.Connection OFFLINE (E-mail only)

Registration, installation, help getting started 250,000 r ($43.5)
Monthly subscription payment 65,000 r ($11.3)
  Price per 1 KB:
E-mail from/to former USSR ( .ru, .su ) 60 r ($0.01)
E-mail from/to the rest of the world 450 r ($0.08)

Web Site Construction

We create Web sites of any complexity based on your information or just on the description of your business. We choose the most appropriate way of presenting the information and develop the structure of the site. Our sites are easy to navigate and convenient to use.

Web Page Design

To make your Web pages look great, our designers offer the following services:

  1. Web page layout using customer or original source text and graphics.
  2. Photo-retouching of customer graphics
  3. Original graphic design:
    a. logos and trademarks
    b. custom design on demand (icons, buttons, clip-art)
    c. pictures, scanned images, figures
  4. Multimedia design
    a. Java
    b. animated GIFs
    c. sound effects
  5. Other custom design as required by the individual

Site Management

After the web page is placed on the net, the site must be CONSTANTLY promoted, analyzed, and improved. We assign a web site administrator to handle whatever needs you might have in this area. Counters, site registrations, user group lists, etc. are some of the items available. A lot of web pages do not produce any results because they are not promoted; it is much the same as placing a beautiful ad in a newpaper that has no circulation. If no one knows about your page, it will yield no results.

Call for details.
Phone: +7 (3952) 310506
Fax: +7 (3952) 311198

Other towns of Irkutsk Oblast

There are Internet connections available in:

E-mail-only accounts are available in Shelehov, Sludyanka, Cheremkhovo, Nizhne-Udinsk, Taishet, Zheleznogorsk, Baikalsk, Sayansk, Zima, Ust-Orda, Energetik, Chunsky.

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