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Please specify the full postal address of the recipient. If you supply the ZIP code of the city (such as 664033), then your telegram will be processed quicker. If your correspondent organization has a teletype/telex code, please supply it in your messages instead of an address.


The text of a telegram should not exceed 150 characters (all the box). Please note, that attached return address is about 60 characters long. Longer messages will be charged as 2 telegrams (up to 300 characters). Your message can be in Russian or English. If you use Russian, use KOI8 or write your message in Russian with Latin letters. Russian is preferable to English because telegraph machines with Latin type are rare, potentially delaying your telegram.

I want the text to be translated to Russian

I want to receive the answer through the Telegram Gateway (only for registered users)
Please attach my P.O.Box telegram address to the message

Payment information

My Name:

My Email Address (please type carefully):

for registered users
I am registered user. Charge my telegram service account
Please send me my account statement

pay on-line
I pay only for this single telegram
Please register me and assign return telegram address
I pay with NetCash. Coupon details:

pay by mail
I would like to pay by mail, send me instructions. I understand that the telegram will be suspended until my payment arrives

If you don't have form support, you may send a telegram directly to

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