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WWW Irkutsk is dedicated to the Region of East Siberia and to the city and people of Irkutsk. On this server you can find a map of the region which shows you where Irkutsk is situated. Looking at the photos on WWW Irkutsk, you can take an imaginary journey through the city and to Lake Baikal.
Short essays will give you an idea about the history of Irkutsk, introduce you to the economic situation there, and inform you about business activities. You can find detailed data on the climate of the region and the timetables of the most important flight connections as well as those of the water transport on the Angara and Lake Baikal.
Lots of information about tourism, culture and cultural and social life give you a good idea of what is happening in the area.
The server also gives a detailed description of the scientific institutes, and the main trends of scientific activity of the Irkutsk Scientific Centre.

The server already has a long list of successes to show for his short existence!

Our achievements

WWW Irkutsk was established in September 1995. The number of hits reached 30000 per month by now.
The server is linked to about 400 pages worldwide and has been evaluated by Lycos as a site 100% relevant to Irkutsk.
It took part in the organization of the Irkutsk Friend's Meeting and in the organization of a free English course for the children of Irkutsk.
It also accepted several students, amongst them some from other countries, for practical placements.
WWW Irkutsk established communication services, thus giving people the possibility to reach each other easily, even to communicate without the help of the telephone.
It is the biggest Internet provider in Irkutsk, serving up to 50% of the local Internet connections.
You can find us in Lycos, Yahoo, Altavista, Info$eek,, Open Text Index, WebCrawler, Galaxy, Manifest, and MetroScope.
The server was reviewed in the book: "Internet Yellow Pages", and is a member of the Association of Russian City Webservers.
A special programme of Radio Liberty was dedicated to WWW Irkutsk server and the Irkutsk Computer Centre, whose work was described as invaluable for the city as well as to people's private lives.
It is a member of the Friends and Partners programme mirrored on their server
Irkutsk Computer Center received a grant from the Eurasia Foundation for the connecting of the local Non-Governmental-Organizations (NGOs).
The server attracts about one visitor per week to Irkutsk and the Baikal area after having visited WWW Irkutsk (according to our evaluations).
WWW Irkutsk was rated amongst the 10% Top Informative Servers by OGS Quality Links.
In September 1996 WWW Irkutsk receives two awards and establishes mirror site in the USA.
Listed in Yahoo under 3 categories
In summer 1998 WWW Irkutsk site has been included into Microsoft Expedia Travel and AutoRoute Express CD-ROM
WWW irkutsk is the Excite Travel Site for Irkutsk
Top rated Website by Lycos Destination Guide. See also Lycos City Guide.
WWW Irkutsk is a partner in the World Heritage Information Network, UNESCO

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