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Posted by Borissow ( on April 10, 2003 at 07:25:57:

In Reply to: Re: Utay, Russia posted by Borissow on April 10, 2003 at 07:22:31:

: Hello, Alan!

: Thank you very much for your response especially
: for your correcting of my last message. your profession
: sounds like a very busy one and I feel ashamed for stealing your
: valuable time.
: My occupation is quitely humble. I'm working with one international
: company as engineer assistant, there are many American employes and the most time
: there is spoken English. Therefore I must be able
: to underestand English in meetings for example
: also I myself want simply to make conversations
: with my colleagues. But I must say I have real inhibitions to open my mouth
: and to speak to them.
: Your ancestor, who decided to go to America over 100
: years ago, had made a really proper decision.
: Of course I don't think that the life in America
: doesn't have shady sides. But people there are gifted
: with possibilities to create their life in terms of education
: or employment or practising of religions.
: At the current time it's allowed in Russia to practise religions.
: All the same personally I have developed deep religious feelings
: as I was a child. To explane it short, I feel me a part of the universe,it makes me
: positiv thinking. Today I know, it was only that onerous life
: that brought me to that cognition.
: The most people in the West consider the life in Russia
: as very difficult and bad.
: But it seems to me, that every even very bad thing or circumstance
: do carry a invaluably good core in them. Or what do
: you think about that.
: Now I really hope that this time my message would come
: through.

: : : Hello, Alan!
: : : The name Utay, like many names of villages in that area, stems from the Buraten language. Burats are a native Asiatic folk in Siberia. Utay means "the side of a hill" and gets its name because Utay is located on the side of a huge hill. Some scientists have conjected that Utay is actually on the inside of a huge antediluvian river bed. I read about that hypothesis many years ago, but unfortunately I still don't know if it has ever been proved. Another example of this can be found with the name of the nearby town of Tulun. "Tulun" is also Buraten and means "a leather sack". But now back to Utay. Down in the valley between the tall and long range of hills, there is a tiny picturesque river called Kursanka with everglades by it's shores. In Utay there are people whose ancestors originally came from different cultures and religions and, of course, there are people who originate from the Jewish religion. But I know no one who practices his or her religion. I'm very grateful for yor willingness to help me in my English studies. And if it wouldn't cause too much work and take you too much time, please point out my mistakes to me. Also, we could exchange our thoughts about various subjects, life for example, if that is something you would be interested in doing. Unfortunately, I don't know any sources of information about Utay, but I'm searching now for people who could help me with it. As soon as I've found out anything, I will of course let you know.
: : Kindest regards!

: :
: : :
: : : : Our family name is Utay and our ancestors came from Russia. We are very curious if there is a connection between Utay, Russia (which we think is approximately 400 km northwest of Irkutsk) and our ancestors. Can anyone tell us what you know about this town? how we might get more information about it? and how we might be able to travel there? If there is a connection between our ancestors and this town, or if there are Utays living there or in the area now, we would be very interested in arranging a visit there. We would be coming from the United States and would need a translator and guide. Thank you very much for any information you might be able to provide.

: :
: : Thank you so much for your response. I am sorry it has taken me so long to respond. The information you have provided is fascinating, and if you come across any other information or sources of information I would be greatful. Your English is very good. I have gone back through your message above and made changes to show how I would have stated the same things. Most of the changes are not necessarily mistakes, but stylistic. What line of work are you in that requires you to learn English? In what part of the world do you now live? I am a lawyer for a large corporation in Dallas, Texas. Before coming to work here, I worked for a large international law firm and made one trip to Moscow. I still know a couple of lawyers in Moscow. It sounds like we are about the same age (I am 38), so it would be very interesting to compare outlooks on life, especially if a decision of one of my ancestors over 100 hundred years ago is the only thing that put me here instead of where you are today. All the best, and I look forward to hearing from you. Alan

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