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Posted by Borissow ( on March 04, 2003 at 07:39:08:

In Reply to: Re: Utay, Russia posted by Alan Utay on February 02, 2003 at 14:00:21:

Please look at my reply from 02/19/03.
I posted it on a wrong place by mistake.

: Thank you so very much for responding. Your English is very good, and I understood everything you said. I would be very greatful for any further information you have about Utay, especially where the village got its name. Does the word "Utay" have a meaning in Russian, or do you think the village was named after someone? My family came to America in the very late 1800s. Also, I should note that my family is Jewish. Do you know if there are any Jews in that part of Siberia, or if there would have been back then? Again, thank you so much for your response. If you are aware of any other sources of information about Utay, please let me know. Also, if I can be of any assistance in your English studies, let me know. Kindest regards, Alan Utay

: : Hello, Alan!

: : I was born in Utay, Siberia, and spent 15 years of my life there, then further 8 years in a nearby
: : lying town Tulun. But now I live very far away from my home for almost 13 years and since then I
: : haven't been there an a visit.
: : Utay is no a town but a woodchopper village.
: : I must say that at that time it was a poor and indigend village with people who had big problems
: : in dayly fighting for survival. They all were self-supporter, fettened animals to eat them and had theyr vegetable and potato gardens to make reserves of pickle for the long siberian winter.There was also an awful alcoholic problem with the people having not enough strength of charakter to resist against all that difficulties of life.
: : In that village there were no places of intrest or historic sights. There was no a hotel for straingers, only in the 18 kilometers far away lying town Tulun there is a hotel. As I'm continual observing the matter of development in Siberia I'm steel not sure that anything has changed since than.
: : I think it might have been possible that your ancesters came originally from Utay, because that is a very old settlement more than 100 years old, if I don't confuse the issue, established by exiled political offender. It also could have been possible that people fled from there to America. I'll try to get more informations about Utay's establishment and then write to you, but it would have probably some time because I have no longer connections to my village.
: : If You want to travel there,you have to travel by plain till Irkutsk than from Irkutsk till Tulun by train and then from Tulun to Utay by a commuter train, that goes only once a day at approximately 3 o'clock p.m. Therefore you have to recon with long waiting times.
: : I'm learning English now, because it's important for my work. Hereby I appologise for my bad English, since I'm only at the beginning, and hope that you can understand what I wrote.

: :
: : : Our family name is Utay and our ancestors came from Russia. We are very curious if there is a connection between Utay, Russia (which we think is approximately 400 km northwest of Irkutsk) and our ancestors. Can anyone tell us what you know about this town? how we might get more information about it? and how we might be able to travel there? If there is a connection between our ancestors and this town, or if there are Utays living there or in the area now, we would be very interested in arranging a visit there. We would be coming from the United States and would need a translator and guide. Thank you very much for any information you might be able to provide.

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