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Name: J. Campos - June 16, 2005
E-mail: zimma032003@yahoo.com
Location: El Paso, TX     U.S.A.
Comments:   I met a very nice pen pal in the internet and wanted to say hi to her and to her family. Irkutsk semms to be nice place to visit. Eventhough we're miles away I feel like she is around the corner. Tatyana thanks for being a good friend.

Name: domik - June 15, 2005
E-mail: domikru@yahoo.fr
Location: parij,      earth
Comments:   priviet dlia sie, first time I give a look on net about Irkutsk, nostalgia good site for foreigner of Baikal nature, inastransov i nash... brat I would like to give a phone call and book a room in National Park House based Litvianka te mujech naiti numer ydotchi poko

Name: GUY - June 15, 2005
E-mail: guy_kenn@hotmail.com
Location: LOME,      TOGO

Name: Gustavo Schmidt - June 12, 2005
E-mail: schmidt_sep@hotmail.com
Location: piracicaba, sp     Brasil
Comments:   - portuguese: este site sobre Irkutsk é muito bom parabéns -english: this site about irkutsk it's very nice congratulatoins!!

Name: Bernd - June 07, 2005
E-mail: macbarny@t-online.de
Location: Frankfurt,      Germany
Comments:   I thank the owner of these homepage for the information about its city Irkutsk. Here is living my favourite. I miss you very my treasure. I kiss and embrace you. You are my N....... !!!

Name: aba owerri - May 24, 2005
E-mail: mgbada@yahoo.com
Location: asaba, IMO     BENIN

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Name: mugu mgdada - May 23, 2005
E-mail: m_maagu@yahoo.com
Location: lagos, aba     nig.
Comments:   nice and good to add to Irkutsk for more info

Name: jim - May 22, 2005
E-mail: kreesly2002@yandex.ru
Location: honolulu , hi     usa
Comments:   would like to move to this area Irkutsk, Baikal.

Name: ONYEZE - May 21, 2005
Location: LOME, LOME     TOGO

Name: Solariz - May 21, 2005
E-mail: Solariz2008@163.com
Location: Shanghai,      China
Comments:   This opens me a another gate to take a look of the Irkustk.I love the old and traditional wooden houses in Irkustk city, stunned by the beauty of Baikal. Russia and China also great countries, though some difficults presently, I believe Russia can be brought to light in the future.

Name: Fayaz Khan - May 12, 2005
E-mail: nyandus@yahoo.com
Location: Beijing,      China
Comments:   Had a wonderful time in Irkutsk. A big thank you to Irene and Boris.

Name: Theo Wierema - May 12, 2005
E-mail: wiere029@planet.nl
Location: Montfoort,      Holland
Comments:   Will visit your city of Irkutsk soon (31 may 05)

Name: andré de praeter - May 12, 2005
E-mail: adp006@gmail.com
Location: Ghent,      Belgium
Comments:   I hope to visit very soon your beautiful Irkutsk and Baikal

Name: Gary Webb - May 09, 2005
E-mail: gary.webb1@bigpond.com
Location: Queanbeyan, N.S.W     Australia
Comments:   Have seen a lot of photo's and would love to visit your beautiful city of Irkutsk.Also a big hello to my special friend Sveta

Name: mugu - May 07, 2005
E-mail: mugu@hotmail.com
Comments:   i love this town irkutsk.

Name: Storm Johnson - May 06, 2005
E-mail: rune69@charter.net
Location: Lebanon, CT     USA
Comments:   Hellos going out to Tanya & Masha in Irkutsk

Name: castigliano - April 30, 2005
E-mail: castigliano76@libero.it
Comments:   Ciao! I visited Irkutsk some days ago (coming from Italy) and I found a wonderful city! i'd like to find some penpals from Irkutsk for my next visit there! please, wite me : castigliano76@libero.it

Name: ann - April 25, 2005
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Location: sousse,      tunisia
Comments:   Our Baikal enlargement methods people.

Name: Pero - April 25, 2005
E-mail: peropetrovic@net.hr
Comments:   Good site. Baikal.

Name: werden - April 23, 2005
E-mail: no@spam.net
Comments:   Very good website you have here,and I am glad to put my step in to your guestbook.I send you and your visitors my best greetings.I kile Irkutsk, Baikal.Do you like gold jewelry,sterling silver jewelry,diamond jewelry, diamond ring, diamond necklace,wedding ring? Go to there ,you would discover the fond goods!

Name: Bob Tice - April 20, 2005
E-mail: bob_tice@msn.com
Location: Somerset, CA     USA
Comments:   I just met a very nice lady on the internet and I wanted to see her home of Irkutsk. What a beautiful place. It looks like a great place to live

Name: amardeep rataul - April 14, 2005
E-mail: amardeeprataul@yahoo.ca
Location: toronto, on     canada
Comments:   this is truly a magnificient lake.i cannot wait to visit lake baikal and the beautiful country in which it lies

Name: George - April 12, 2005
E-mail: foxbeauty@tiscali.com
Comments:   A beautiful city and a beautiful lake Baikal in a most beautiful country, I can't wait to go, I am learning Russian at the moment and seeing your website only sharpens my appetite to visit your beautiful country. My only concern is that the way the world is going that the virgin forests and magnificent lake will remain forever unharmed and unpolluted.

Name: Olle Svedsson - April 12, 2005
E-mail: superball49@yahoo.com
Location: Stockholm,      Sweden
Comments:   Plan to go to Irkutsk this summer, please send me some tips regarding accomodation, what to se. Suggestions for god Food-Restaurant-Bars. Best way of traveling from Scandivavia? Thaks a lot!

Name: OLUKU MUMU - April 09, 2005
Comments:   A NICE SITE FOR 4 GUYS NDI IGBO Irkutsky! My grandma was born there as a Tatar.

Name: Steve Adams - April 09, 2005
E-mail: wingman4@cox.net
Location: Peoria, Arizona     USA
Comments:   What a beautiful lake you have, I am a boater myself and seeing your Lake makes me want to be there with my boat to explore. My hopes now are to Marry a woman from Homutovo near Irkutsk and visit in the near future. What a magnificent part of the world you live in, and a terrific web site. Thanks

Name: Arda ARIKAN - April 05, 2005
E-mail: arikanarda@hotmail.com
Location: Ankara,      Turkey
Comments:   Hello Irkutsky! My grandma was born there as a Tatar. If there is anyone who knows some information about Tatars living in Irkutsky before the Revolution, can you contact me? Anything you could have heard about your grandparents can be of great help. My grandma said that she was born in a village called Kusman which was her last name as they took when they came to Turkey in 1923. Again, hope to talk to some of you at least!

Name: Darren Dangelo - April 02, 2005
E-mail: darrensuedar@aol.com
Location: Gulf Breeze, Fl     USA
Comments:   Irkutsk is a beautiful clean city. Very cultural and historical. I have a penpal who lives nearby and we're hoping for long and lasting relationship.I would very much like to see this city one day.

Name: Tisadee - March 31, 2005
E-mail: tis@tisadee.com
Location: Sydney, NSW     Australia
Comments:   Just wanted to say Lake Baikal looks like a nice place

Name: Peter Young - March 30, 2005
E-mail: pjy@pdx.edu
Location: Portland, OR     USA
Comments:   Hi I've always wanted to ride around Baikal. I know that roads don't go all the way around but I think it could be done!Anyone want to join me in 2006? Is there anyone in Irkutsk who could help me find a guide? I speak some Russian.

Name: Andree Haase - March 27, 2005
E-mail: AndreeHaase@web.de
Location: Bremen,      Deutschland
Comments:   A very nice side, but I miss the updates. Give it no news in Irkutsk ? What is with the new bridge over the Angara ? And news from the Airport ?? The workers built a new rollfield. Is it ready ? I hope in the future, the Admin makes his job better. Greetings from Bremen

Name: Riccardo - March 26, 2005
E-mail: vuvuvu_punto@hotmail.com
Location: Firenze,      Italy
Comments:   I'm about to come to Irkutsk in 2 days... i'm sure i'll enjoy my trip =)

Name: Lacey Terry - March 23, 2005
E-mail: LaceyTerry436@hotmail.com
Location: Hudson, MI     USA
Comments:   I love your website. I`m learning about Lake Baikal right know. IT`s so cool.

Name: Jojo - March 15, 2005
E-mail: jhon@aol.com
Location: eg, ca     Usa
Comments:   Call 206 279 7212 for Randomnicity!! The BEST random phone show! Featuring Prank Phone calls, riddles, jokes, and other reandom things. ALSO GIVEAWAYS!!! Call NoW Irkutsk.

Name: bill dismuke - March 14, 2005
E-mail: billdiz@webtv.net
Location: donalsonville, ga     USA
Comments:   I really enjoyed the site.I have met a lady from Humtov and I understand that it's not very far fom thee.If I visit her,maybe we can see the sites in your city.We also may can visit Baikal lake

Name: Nefer - March 14, 2005
E-mail: "> rb@gfns.net">
Comments:   Hi there! thanks for site. It's very nice :) I see the baikal, it's a best place on the world... :)

Name: Nefer - March 14, 2005
E-mail: >
Comments:   Hi there! thanks for site. It's very nice :) I see the baikal, it's a best place on the world... :)

Name: Don - March 10, 2005
E-mail: don@mailru.com
Comments:   Baikal is very Cool! morenews.ru (freeware soft)

Name: Neil - March 07, 2005
E-mail: salmon13333@yahoo.co.uk
Location: Monmouth,      Britain
Comments:   Hi i just wondered if anyone else is having problems sending and receiving e mails to and from Irkutsk. Great web page with lots of info, keep it going.

Name: Neil - March 07, 2005
E-mail: salmon13333@yahoo.co.uk
Location: Monmouth,      Britain
Comments:   Hi is anyone having problems sending and receiving e mails to and from Irkutsk. I am in the United Kingdom. Great web page.

Name: Joe Puchek - March 03, 2005
E-mail: skitour@younginds.com
Location: Gunnison, CO     USA
Comments:   Irkutsk, Biakal. I am planning on heli-skiing in March '05 and hope to have a great time. thanks for all the information found in the website.

Name: Christine Burgess - March 01, 2005
E-mail: c.burgess@xtra.co.nz
Location: Auckland,      New Zealand
Comments:   Our relatives from Irkutsk have just been to visit us in New Zealand - thoroughly enjoyed having Gena and Lida to stay with us. We now want to visit Irkutsk - how do we get there?

Name: Scott Feehley - February 18, 2005
E-mail: smfeehley@hotmail.com
Location: Newmarket, New Hampshire     U.S.A.
Comments:   Your city seems beautiful. I have met a woman with equal beauty. Her name is Tatyana Yashkova. She is 27 years old and is a nurse at one of the Hospitals. She takes care of the babies. If you know her please tell her that her Scott is waiting for her. I plan on visiting Irkutsk in the early Spring.

Name: Klaus Schmoldt - February 15, 2005
E-mail: w.g.schulz.gmbh@t-online.de
Location: Hamburg, D     Hamburg
Comments:   What about the homepage of yachts on baikal ? Is there any company dealing with yacht equipment ?

Name: macbarny - January 30, 2005
E-mail: macbarny2000@yahoo.de
Location: Frankfurt, Germany    
Comments:   My dear girlfriend in Irkutsk, many dear greetings into your city and completely particularly for you. macbarny, your treasure from Germany

Name: Urban - January 25, 2005
E-mail: D12_ante@msn.com
Comments:   Cant you update your webcam Irkutsk? its bean dead for ower a year! And plz dont turn it off in the summer its Okej to see all the buches its fine ! Thank you / Urban ynveson

Name: kakzakhstan uzbekistan - January 24, 2005
E-mail: hello@centralasiatravel.com
Location: bishkek,      suusamyr
Comments:   central asia travel kyrgyzstan tours irkutsk

Name: Lorenzo Merin - January 23, 2005
E-mail: lorenzomerin@kaixo.com
Location: Albacete,      Spain
Comments:   The correct name of my friend is Julie danilova. Thanks and see you soon in Irkutsk

Name: Lorenzo Merin Molina - January 23, 2005
E-mail: lorenzomerin@kaixo.com
Location: Albacete,      Spain
Comments:   Hello,my name is Lorenzo Merin, from Spain. I am looking for a friend who lives in Irkutsk called Julie Danilona. I met her in France in 1.995 and i have lost the contact with her.Now i am planning tovisit Irkuysk and i wantto find her. I know she is married and has one child.For any information pleasewrite to me. Thank you very much.

Name: Nigel chapple - January 22, 2005
E-mail: nigeljchapple@yahoo.co.uk
Location: Gloucester,      England
Comments:   I have a friend who lives in Irkutsk one day hope to meet her your site was very helpful thanks

Name: Hanski Hamunen - January 16, 2005
E-mail: renliumao@yahoo.com
Location: Helsinki, FI     Finland
Comments:   hello! thanks for nice photos from Baikal/perhaps one we can visit also in Irkuskt... Best wishes from Finland FINCHUNSOCIETY ry

Name: Thomas Ostendorf - January 16, 2005
E-mail: thomasostendorf@hotmail.com
Location: Cape Town,      South Africa
Comments:   Exellent site, well done...! My compliments! I am planing to fullfil a lifetime dream and visit the Baikal! Thanks to this site I found all the info I need. Thank you, and keep up the exellent work.

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Name: andrew - January 11, 2005
E-mail: haha1123581321@yahoo.com
Location: San Gabriel, ca     us
Comments:   Lake Baikal is the most beautiful lake ever.

Name: Kata - January 09, 2005
E-mail: kata1980@mail.ru
Location: Irkutsk, RU     Russia
Comments:   rioly.irk.ru - the best CHAT of Irkutsk-city! Enjoy!

Name: Gary Plama - January 06, 2005
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Location: albuquerque, nm     usa
Comments:   Glad to be the first visitor of the new year! Visit me @ newfnorkin . freeservers . com. Please!! PS your irkutsk site is nice.

Name: Hatim Shoukry - December 31, 2004
E-mail: hatim_shoukry@hotmail.com
Location: Lincoln, LN     UK
Comments:   Very Impressive Site for a marvellous area Irkutsk and lake Baikal,i would like to see in the site an indication to the local time in relation to GMT..My Compliments to the site and designers

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Name: Andrea Contardo - December 17, 2004
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Name: Håkan Zerpe - December 08, 2004
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Location: Luleå, Norrbotten     Sweden
Comments:   Nice site with very good information.But I miss some basic information of Irkutsk, such as how many people who lives here.

Name: wholesalepearl - December 03, 2004
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Name: E. Kriss Sullivan - December 01, 2004
E-mail: luvtomud73@earthlink.net
Location: Layton, UT     USA
Comments:   Thank you for having such an informative web site. I have become good email friends with a young lady in Irkutsk. It's nice to visit this site to learn more about the area she lives in.

Name: F. - November 30, 2004
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Comments:   lovely Irkutsk.... bye...!

Name: Fabrizio - November 30, 2004
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Location: Firenze / Florence,      Italy
Comments:   nice web-site! Find Irkutsk an interesting place to visit... A bit far from my place (:Florence, Ilaly) but I see you're well connected to Moscow by airplane... So, why not : Siberia is a fascinating region to visit... I would be pleased to know some people over there, so to plan a holiday Greetings from Italy CIAO !

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Name: Barbara - November 28, 2004
E-mail: angelcruiser1211@yahoo.com
Location: Indianapolis, IN     USA
Comments:   I found Irkutsk to be a fascinating destination

Name: Roger Birdley - November 27, 2004
E-mail: rb@yahoo.com
Location: Orlando, FL     USA
Comments:   Irkutsk

Name: Rich Woodward - November 19, 2004
E-mail: rwwodward2@cox.net
Location: oceanside, CA     U.S.A.
Comments:   Congratulations on the best site of its kind I have seen. Your photo galleries are wonderfull. After viewing it all, I almost feel as if I have been to Irkusk and Lake Baikal.

Name: Chad - November 18, 2004
E-mail: cselje@sbcglobal.net
Location: Whitewater, WI     USA
Comments:   Great web site! From 1994-1996 I was an 8th grade conversational English teacher in Irkutsk. I made several friends with those in my class, including Dasha (spelling?), a member of the group "Jazz Baby". Many of my friends outside of school were college age, either working, studying at the Poly Tech, or elsewhere. It would be nice to reconnect if any old friends would happen to read this. Thanks!

Name: Tom - November 13, 2004
E-mail: chopperking(@aol.com
Location: Columbus, GA     USA
Comments:   Hi, I am very pleased with this site, it is very well organized and has many wonderful, useful facts and ideas. I was wondering if anybody else was having trouble emailing the Irkutsk locals, if there is something wrong with the internet there. Please email me with info. Thanx :)

Name: Harold - November 10, 2004
E-mail: harold_ca@hotmail.com
Location: Cobourg,      Canada
Comments:   I have enjoyed looking at your web site and the area around Baikal Lake . I have for sometime messaged quite a few people in the Irkutsk area on ICQ and find them very friendly and interesting to messsage. Perhaps some day I will journey there to enjoy the beauty of your area..

Name: Peter lenglacher - October 27, 2004
E-mail: peter.lenglacher@kronenzeitung.at
Location: Wels,      Austria
Comments:   Hallo! I am Peter from Austria! I travel to Irkutsk in november! Can anybody say me, its possible to phone with handy from Irkutsk to Austria. What male plug (jack) I need in Irkutsk for my laptop? What should I know about Irkutsk? with best regards Peter

Name: Barb - October 15, 2004
E-mail: hiway245@interl.net
Location: Nauvoo, IL.     U.S.A.
Comments:   Am seeking information on grandfather, whose last known residence was Irkutsk. I am currently doing some genealogy work. The last name was Yonaitis, August. Any help would be appreciated.....thanx

Name: Marta Oliveira - October 09, 2004
E-mail: martadentolas@hotmail.com
Location: Portugal,      Viana
Comments:   When i want something about....Lake Baikal I can count on you!!!

Name: Marta Oliveira - October 09, 2004
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Comments:   When I need something about lake Baikal I can count on you!!!

Name: Atta ul Majeed - October 07, 2004
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Location: Sialkot, punjab     Pakistan
Comments:   Irkutsk is a rally good site i visit but this site is more interestin when english.

Name: ross reader - October 04, 2004
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Location: Palmerston North, Manawatu     New Zealand
Comments:   i am still looking, after being introduced by a citizen of Irkutsk. so much to see and enjoy.

Name: Pawan Deshpande - October 01, 2004
E-mail: pawandeshpande@hotmail.com
Location: Mumbai, MH     India
Comments:   This is a really gool site about Irkutsk, thanks for all the hard work

Name: rotem - September 29, 2004
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Location: rio, rg     br
Comments:   great site, be back soon. want ot visit Irkutsk

Name: Tommy - September 26, 2004
E-mail: Tommy@milan.it
Location: Milan,      Italy
Comments:   I have never visided Irkutsk. But I have met a very nice girl this summer in Brighton...So today I've decided to look for some informations about her town...and so I think that it's a very interest town...I don't know if one day I'll can visit it...but now I want to say...

Name: J. Ford (Starkoff) - September 22, 2004
E-mail: wford4@vtown.com.au
Comments:   Irkutsk is the birthplace of my Grandfather who migrated to Australia with his family in 1914. His name was Michael Starkoff (born 1900), his father was Alexis Starkoff (1874)and his father was Fedor Starkoff (?). You cannot imagine how hard it is to find any census, birth or marriage records for Russian ancestors. I would appreciate any contact from someone who could help me trace my ancestors by accessing records or contacting any distant relatives.

Name: Johanna Molloy - September 17, 2004
E-mail: Johanna_Molloy@hotmail.com
Location: Calgary, AB     Canada
Comments:   My name is Johanna Molloy and I live in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Currently I am a student who hopes to study environmental technology. I am absolutely fascinated with Lake Baikal and must travel there someday… the sooner the better!

Name: David Maglov - September 15, 2004
E-mail: davidmaglov@yahoo.com
Location: belgade, serbia     scg
Comments:   Grad je predivan,Baikal josh lepshi.Pravo je zadovoljstvo i privilegija posetiti jedno od takvih mesta. Ljudi su divni,vazduh je cist.Voda najbolja na svetu... Who wasn't been there don't know what is nature... Baljshoje spasiba...

Name: Parae Bae - September 11, 2004
E-mail: bae106@kornet.net
Location: Seoul, .......     South Korea
Comments:   I had gone to irkutsk for bike riding to baikal lake with 4 man and woman biker month ago. I was terror at angara riverside by 10 young man and was robbed of my digital camera with two bruise of my face. Therefore I was disappointed at young Russian very much. I was consult with the frontman and the chief of 2 floor`s restaurant in Baikal hotel. There is the story on my homepage even if it were Korean text and photoes. The chief was known my homepage`s URL. But I will always love Russia and Tolstoy.

Name: Parae Bae - September 11, 2004
E-mail: bae106@kornet.net
Location: Seoul, .......     South Korea
Comments:   I had gone to irkutsk for bike riding to baikal lake with 4 man and woman biker month ago. I was terror at angara riverside by 10 young man and was robbed of my digital camera with two bruise of my face. Therefore I was disappointed at young Russian very much. There is the story is on my homepage even if it were Korean text and photoes. But I will always love Russia and Tolstoy.

Name: Paul Cowman - September 09, 2004
E-mail: mirmiru@cox.net
Location: New Orleans, LA     USA
Comments:   My name is Paul. I am searching for information regarding English Language Instruction in Irkutsk, Baikal. I have an American Bachelor of Arts in Russian language and culture, as well as English Literature. I look for an opportunity to teach English to those with whom I communicate with in Russian, favorably in Irkustk, Russia.

Name: Didier THENAULT - September 05, 2004
E-mail: thenault.didier@wanadoo.fr
Location: Compiegne,      FRANCE
Comments:   j'ai visite votre site suite a une rencontre virtuelle avec une tres jolie Nathalie de Irkutsk et j'avoue que cela me donne tres envie de m'y rendre. Alors j'espere a tres bientot pour une visite reelle avec Nathalie a mon bras...

Name: Harald Zeiner - September 01, 2004
E-mail: ulanbator437@aol.com
Location: Nuremberg,      Germany
Comments:   I pity very much for the people in the school in Beslan.I like the Irkutsk page, especcially the daily foto.

Name: Eldin Mujkanovic - August 30, 2004
E-mail: eldin.m@hotmail.com
Location: Brcko,      Bosnia-Herzegovina
Comments:   I often take the map of Russia and watch Siberia and imagine winters there. I only could suppose how nice is in Irkutsk by winter and so romantic on the snow in the middle of the biggest province in the world. I have never been there and I've never met anyone from Irkutsk and Baikal area, but I promise if I ever could come there I will. Untill that I will be often guest on this web. And question: Could anybody recognize some Russian chat mostly in English? Eldin from Bosnia.

Name: John - August 30, 2004
E-mail: jdfbs@yahoo.com
Location: Bay City, TX     USA

Name: sandie & ma - August 29, 2004
E-mail: sandieku@hotmail.com
Location: Hong Kong,      China
Comments:   Good Job! An one-stop website for research before the journey to Lake Baikal. Thanks a lot.

Name: mark - August 25, 2004
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Comments:   irkutsk

Name: Jo - August 25, 2004
E-mail: webmaster@www.zaubertricks.de
Comments:   Great site - keep up the good work, Irkutsk Best wishes from Germany. Jo -

Name: Wayne - August 24, 2004
E-mail: Wayne_trini@yahoo.com
Location: Derby,      England
Comments:   Hi i am searching for my soulmate who lives in your lovely city of Irkutsk. She works in a furniture shop and her name is Ekaterina. If you know her please tell her to get in contact with me via email

Name: Katya Manamsa - August 19, 2004
E-mail: alieninemgland@hotmail.com
Location: wiltshire,      england
Comments:   Hello. I've been to Irkutsk in 2002. I really loved it. So happy to find a site that is so helpfull. If anyone is going there soon - please pass on my love and greetings.

Name: Rodney Hoffman - August 11, 2004
E-mail: trodas5@hotmail.com
Location: Norwich,      England
Comments:   Have a friend in Angarsk who told me about Irkutsk.Your web site is great and really does sell and promote your city and surrounding area.I do hope to be able visit soon.

Name: Jon Aymon - July 27, 2004
E-mail: jonaymon@leverdujour.com
Location: San Jose, CA     USA
Comments:   Ever since seeing a television program on Irkutsk some thirty years ago, I have always been impressed that your city at one time hosted six ballet companies. And just now I find that Mr Nureyev was a native. It is marvelous to contemplate the extent and depth of culture in a place so far removed from other centers of the arts. Also, the story of the Decembrists is poignant and extremely well written.

Name: Virgil - July 25, 2004
E-mail: Singlea2ndtime@aol.com
Location: Alexandria, KY     U.S.A
Comments:   Have a Friend from the City of Irkutsk. Planning a trip there sometime soon. Working on the passport and visa at this time, and learning what I believe will be usefull to me in visiting Irkutsk. Looking forward to meeting my friend.

Name: ardek - July 22, 2004
E-mail: ardek@02.pl
Location: -, -     Poland
Comments:   Baikal

Name: Laura - July 16, 2004
E-mail: Laura@sireh.com
Location: uk,     
Comments:   Cool website. neat colors and good navigation. Keep the good works.baikal

Name: Mark Machata - July 15, 2004
E-mail: sparkostatic@yahoo.com
Location: Traverse City, Mi     USA
Comments:   Wow....I never expected to get E-mail from Irkutsk.Looks like beautiful country.

Name: mike shekhtman - June 29, 2004
E-mail: mike1728@att.net
Location: los angeles , ca     usa
Comments:   i am searching for my aunt è ­¨­  â ¬ à  ¢ á¨«¥¢­  irkutsk born 1930-1932. reward $100-150 for information mike (misha )

Name: andrew - June 17, 2004
E-mail: tranter581@aol.com
Location: bishop auckland, durham     england
Comments:   great site i've got a friend in angarsk and its great to find a site that shows the area and culture of the region, i will there in october and am really looking forward to seeing Irkutsk and lake biakal. thanks to all that have greated this site, keep up the good work.

Name: Jack Sheremetoff - June 17, 2004
E-mail: info@baikaler.com
Location: Irkutsk,      Russia
Comments:   For those who is coming to Irkutsk: please keep in mind that there will me several ongoing tours to lake Baikal which you can easily join! Welcome to baikaler dot com !

Name: Nadine - June 11, 2004
E-mail: n_nadinemueller@hotmail.com
Location: Leipzig, Germany    
Comments:   Thanks for this website. I was in the year 2002 on the lake Baikal for an excursion. I love this countryside and hope to visit my friends and this landscape soon. Now I have to write a protokoll about the excursion, and on your site I found some interesting informations. klassnyj, sposibo bolschoj!!! Nadine (geographer)

Name: MUGU MAN - June 04, 2004
E-mail: muguman-guyman@hotmail.com
Location: aba, abia     nig
Comments:   i love this site guyman from aba/abia bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbIrkutsk

Name: Sokol - May 29, 2004
E-mail: swingary@aol.com
Comments:   SEARCHING FOR DESCENDANTS OF MALINOWSKI OR SOKOLOWSKI: Leacadia Malinowska (born 12/8/1897)left Irkutsk in 1917. She may also be known by her married name SOKOLOWSKA. Leocadia married Maciej Sokolowski. She was the daughter of Francis & Matthew Malinowski.Her siblings were Anna,Sophia,Lawrence,Joseph & Julia.Last contact was in about the 1920-1930 from Julia. Julia could still be alive & would be in her 90's today?

Name: Sokol - May 29, 2004
E-mail: swingary@aol.com
Comments:   who left Irkutsk in 1917. She may also be known by her married name SOKOLOWSKA. Leocadia married Maciej Sokolowski. She was the daughter of Francis & Matthew Malinowski.Her siblings were Anna,Sophia,Lawrence,Joseph & Julia.Last contact was in about the 1920-1930 from Julia. Julia could still be alive & would be in her 90's today?

Name: Anne - May 24, 2004
E-mail: A.SchreuderA@hetnet.nl
Comments:   ik doe het even in het Nederlands, er zijn vast wel mensen die dit kunnen lezen denk ik. deze zomer gaan we naar Irkutsk en het Baikalmeer. den vaker in Rusland geweest, maar hier nog niet.

Name: Steven Lowe - May 20, 2004
E-mail: slowe60@hotmail.com
Location: St. Louis, Mo     usa
Comments:   Just curious about the Irkutsk, Baikal...area because of a new email friend from the area. Well She is in Selehov, but attended scool in Irkutsk. Very Beautiful country! Hope to get to visit some day!

Name: Judith Sandel - May 04, 2004
E-mail: judithsandel322@hotmail.com
Comments:   I am a grandaugher of Dimitry Alexandrovitch Lazarev who lived and died in Irkutsk in 1929. I will be glad to find people who are related to this family.

Name: Dennis Austin - May 03, 2004
E-mail: dkaustin98@yahoo.com
Location: Bossier City, LA     USA
Comments:   I am looking through the website and noticed that there is not much if anything on the Irkutsk Musical Theater. I have a penpal working there and I would like to see more about the theater. Perhaps you could place some photos of the theater?

Name: Randall - April 30, 2004
E-mail: sofacommander@aol.com
Location: Juneau, AK     USA
Comments:   How many guys are also corresponding with a lady from the Irkutsk area?

Name: Kai Kataja - April 14, 2004
E-mail: kataja@nuuskakaira.com
Location: Ranua,      Finland
Comments:   Hello! I am looking for a dog (East Siperian Laika)to buy from Irkutsk, but dog must have papers(pedigree) and diploms that it is a hunting qualified. If you have contacts, please write to me

Name: Kjell - April 13, 2004
E-mail: kje-west@c2i.net
Location: Moss,      Norway
Comments:   I'm from Norway and i have a penpal in Irkutsk, so that are reason I come to your web side. Ilike the Baikal lake and your city. I´m a big fan of sibiria!!! It´s a very nice page!!! God Bless you.

Name: Terry Ross - April 08, 2004
E-mail: habutwo@hotmail.com
Location: Whitehall, MT     USA
Comments:   Someday I hope to visit this remarkable part of the world. From what I have researched and read the Baikal region is one of the few places left in this world of unspoiled beauty and wonder. I would love to spend a summer exploring the area, the cultures, the people, the history.

Name: Tim and Yvonne - April 05, 2004
E-mail: Tandypierce@comcast.net
Location: Tuscaloosa, AL     USA
Comments:   My wife and I were recently allowed to adopt a little girl from Irkutsk. We visited your city for four weeks. We quickly fell in love with the people, architecture, and culture. We especially enjoyed our daily walks around town and the embankment. The people were great. The food and the experience was great. And our daughter is absolutely the joy of our lives. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Irkutsk. Our only regret is that our video from our trip was lost while traveling home. Thankfully, we found your site and are able to relive our visit there. We check in often for new photos and articles. We would like to thank everyone who made our trip so wonderful. We would especially like to thank the people of Irkutsk for the priviledge of merging our lives with yours through the adoption of our beautiful Irina.

Name: Nazar E. - April 02, 2004
E-mail: skepsis@mail.ru
Location: Barcelona, Bcn     Spain
Comments:   I wasn't born in Irkutsk, i didn't even live there but I consider myself irkutyanin, someone can see it stupid, however i won't change my mind.., my grandparets and my mother were from Irkutskaya oblast, I've heard so many stories!!! If someone wants write me, you're welcome.., in russian too. With a little bit of luck, I'll go there this summer :) Vsego horoshego!

Name: Hung-Hsuan Yu - April 02, 2004
E-mail: hyu2003@ebtnet.net
Location: Taipei, TW     Taiwan
Comments:   Hi! I am a Chinese ( Taiwan ) American currently living in Taipei, Taiwan. I've spent seven years in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A. as an immigrant to the United States. Four years ago I returned to my motherland, Taiwan to develop my own business. I am thinking about exploring some possibilities of founding a local trading firm specificly targeting Taiwan, Hong Kong, China & Russia's products as well as Baikal region tourism business. Although I know very little about Irkutsk & Lake Baikal, I am so curious about the region. Chinese legends shows that up to 21OO years ago, an imperial China's diplomat Su Wu was captured by the northern nomad " Hun " ( The Mongolia tribes ) and later took exile along the Baikal shores for 19 years. The Ancient Chinese did not know Baikal is merely an inland lake. They thought it was the " Northern sea ". This mistake has been recorded in historic books for 2100 years and never corrected until modern time. Interesting!?

Name: Elena Meteleva - April 02, 2004
E-mail: elenameteleva@yandex.ru
Location: Irkutsk, RF     Russia
Comments:   Dear creators of this site! Your web site looks really nice and it's useful indeed! You do well indeed! But.. why don't you place over here any statistics about the city? I had an intention to give your web address to my potential partners abroad to make them familiar with the city of Irkutsk but... I didn't find many necessary and useful detailes about the city. Would you so kind as to add some information (e.g., area, population, local authorities, etc.) to your web site? Thank you in advance, Best regards, Elena Meteleva, Economics and Public Administration Department. Baikal State University of Economics and Law, Irkutsk.

Name: ELENA SAYENKO - March 31, 2004

Name: Christian Kazakoff - March 28, 2004
E-mail: truffledbeets@hotmail.com
Location: Berkeley, CA     USA
Comments:   I had family from the Irkutsk area that came to California by way of Hawaii through the "Dole Pineapple Migration" back in the late 1800's. Is there someone out there in Irkutsk that has access to old archives to help me with my research on the family?

Name: CARLOS DI MATTOS - March 21, 2004
E-mail: carlosdimattos@estadao.com.br
Location: Goiânia, Go     BRAZIL
Comments:   The Russian people for me is like my brothers. I love and respect the Russians with all my heart. Russia is really great - Great Russia (BALCHAIA ROSSIA) here is the right name for this Nation. My dream is one day visit IRKUTSK and more hundreds cities and interesting parts of Russia. The photo galery of your site is really interesting. C UBAJENIEM. CARLOS DI MATTOS

Name: Liliane Oliari Breinack - March 14, 2004
E-mail: oliaribreinack@yahoo.com.br
Location: Sapezal, MT     Brasil
Comments:   Certa vez li numa revista uma reportagem sobre Irkutsk e apaixonei-me pelo lugar, desde então tenho procurado por informações a respeito e tudo que tenho lido diz-me que é belíssimo. Pretendo conhecer algum dia.

Name: Ilkka Oldpatus - March 14, 2004
E-mail: Oldpatus@nestscape.net
Location: Järvenpää,      Finland
Comments:   Via Internet Google finde ich Irkutsk. Hoffentlich ich reise bisweilen nach Irkutsk. Grüsse für Marina

Name: sergio - March 06, 2004
E-mail: segji@yahoo.com
Location: cancun, q.roo.     mexico
Comments:   Estoy planeando visitar IRKUTSK, para el proximo septiembe,si alguien puede darme algunos tips ,estoy interesado en tenis ,chess, literatura,pienso estar 1 semana por alla saludos

Name: Kerry O'Neil - March 05, 2004
E-mail: HomerDogg@hotmail.com
Location: Kewdale, WA     Australia
Comments:   I simply must put Irkutsk and its regions into my trip itinerary in 2005. I am impressed.

Name: Katy Welch - February 24, 2004
E-mail: kt8232@yahoo.com
Comments:   Does anyone have any information about hiring a car in Irkutsk. I am looking to go to the Island and done't fancy the long bus trip. Has anyone hired a car there or have any usful information about doing it?

Name: Ralph Newton - February 21, 2004
E-mail: emergencyx@yahoo.com
Location: Parks, AZ     USA
Comments:   Hello, Would you please forward my email addresses to DR. Alexander Podvezko 274302 of Irkutsk. Thank you.

Name: Inessa - February 19, 2004
E-mail: i.bencun@gmx.de
Location: Munich, GER     Germany
Comments:   I like the Baikal lake! I´m a big fan of sibiria!!! It´s a very nice page!!!

Name: James, B. - February 15, 2004
E-mail: jimsingh1@hotmail.com
Location: Seattle, WA     USA
Comments:   I need to gain access to the list of passengers and crew on board a military transport aircraft (AN-124), that crashed in Irkutsk December 6th 1997 killing all on board. It is a research project that I have undertaken, and the identities of the victims will strictly be kept confidential and used for the purpose of research report only.

Name: Larry E. Harbaugh - February 12, 2004
E-mail: larryeharbaugh@yahoo.com
Location: Plain City, OH     USA
Comments:   Just curious about the Irkutsk, Baikal...area because of a new email friend from the area.

Name: Chad - February 10, 2004
E-mail: absorka@hotmail.com
Location: Lake Tahoe, NV     USA
Comments:   Hello...I am planning on visiting Irkutsk, Baikal and some of the surrounding areas for a few weeks this summer, maybe as early as May 1st. Anyone have any ideas on upscale lodging, translators, etc I would appreciate it...

Name: James II - February 08, 2004
E-mail: st_james2000@yahoo.com
Location: Bowling Green, Ohio     United States
Comments:   I just met a stunningly attractive girl: she must be one of the most charming girls in the world. And she is from Irkutsk! And I am telling myself: a city that gives this kind of girl to the world must have special gifts to anyone who visits there. And so I am planning to visit Irkutsk sometime soon - real soon.

Name: KEITH FOLLESE - February 08, 2004
Location: FRANKLIN, TN     USA

Name: paul - February 05, 2004
E-mail: paulmuaddib2002@yahoo.com
Location: southbury , ct      usa
Comments:   i have a new found friend in the Irkutsk reagon

Name: Tim Fraser - February 05, 2004
E-mail: timothyf5@cbemail.ca
Location: Calgary, Alta     Canada
Comments:   Irkutsk is wiked

Name: FEDOR Babanine - February 02, 2004
E-mail: fed1212@yandex.ru
Location: irkuttskKKKKKKKKKKKKKK, szt     russia
Comments:   rwqs[ test Baikal

Name: Sydney Peck, M. A. - January 30, 2004
E-mail: thegeographymaster@oceanfree.net
Location: Dundalk, Louth     Ireland
Comments:   enjoyed reading about Irkutsk and also places like Bratsk...especially if presented in Russian language po rooskie .....count me as your No. 1 Russophile!

Name: William W. Griffin - January 25, 2004
E-mail: wgriffin@adelphia.net
Location: Cumming, GA     USA
Comments:   Hello to IRKUTSK Its winter in Atlanta, Georgia... the other Georgia ! I hope you all are keeping warm and if anyone emails me I will send them a color .jpg. of the creek on my property. regards.. best wishes. Perhaps someday I will have an opportunity to visit you. william Griffin Cumming, Ga 30041

Name: Nagata Yuji - January 24, 2004
E-mail: nyuji1972@ybb.ne.jp
Location: Osaka,      Japan
Comments:   My friend is from irkutsk and now studying in Japan. I am also very curious about this city. Maybe we can enjoy the richness of the great nature. I hope I will be there soon.

Name: Franz - January 15, 2004
E-mail: franz.purucker@t-online.de
Location: Jena, D     Germany
Comments:   Hi you, iàm a young boy from germany and search good information about Irkutsk city. Can you help ,#me??? Please send me some information. send on franz.purucker@t-online.de Thank you!!!

Name: David - January 11, 2004
E-mail: dak205@genion.de
Location: osnabrück, D     Germany
Comments:   Hello everybody!I´m student and going to visit your Irkutsk with a group of 20 people in august this year.i think it will be great because not everybody in germany have been in siberia.now my (maybe stupid)question.what weather do you have in this time?is it hot or is it raining all the time?i really don`t know.hope you can help me! greetings from Germany,David

Name: Thor Henrik Svevad - January 08, 2004
E-mail: t.h.svevad@volny.cz
Location: Prague/Praha/Praga,      CZ
Comments:   Nice web-site! I have a very good friend in Prague from Irkutsk. Would love to go there!

Name: Dagmar Pelzer - January 06, 2004
E-mail: dagpel@hotmail.com
Location: Miami, FL     USA
Comments:   What a great page! Love all the ice scupltures! I always wondered how people entertain themselves in these long and cold winters! I visited Irkutsk and Lake Baikal a few years ago during the SUMMER and fell in love with it! I plan to teach a semester at the university some day!

Name: Heinrich Hellmann Germany - January 06, 2004
E-mail: heinrichhellmann@web.de
Location: Schiffdorf, Germany     Niedersachsen
Comments:   Hello, when I see something aboud Irkutsk I remember a story of my Grandfather. He told me that in the 1850es one of his grand uncles was pharmacist (Owner of a caristic Parmacy)in Irkutsk. His Name Alexis Eduard Hellmann. Is it possible to get informations aboud him and his pharmacy? Are there any Hellmanns in Irkutsk Region just now? Aboud some news from Irkutsk I would be happy. Greetings to the cold (here it is +3°Celsius) from Heinrich Hellmann

Name: Harald Zeiner - December 31, 2003
E-mail: irkutsk786@aol.com
Location: Nürnberg,      Germany
Comments:   I like the daily fotos on the Irkutsk page.Beautiful ice skulptures in the newest one. Happy new year to all the people in Irkutsk! Especcially to my fiance Elena. I love her very much!

Name: Pieter - December 30, 2003
E-mail: vt021694@voetbal.nl
Location: Amsterdam, N.H.     The Netherlands
Comments:   Hello, I would like to wish you in Irkutsk a happy new year. Pieter ComShares Info

Name: brian adams - December 27, 2003
E-mail: AdmsB@netscape.net
Location: moline, Il     US
Comments:   very nice page...someday hope to visit.learning russian at the moment and would loveto correspnd with someone from Irkutsk.

Name: Dave McMahan - December 25, 2003
E-mail: ugruk@hotmail.com
Location: Anchorage, AK     USA
Comments:   I am just beginning to plan a trip to Irkutsk for August 2004 -- and have never been to Russia before. Any helpful advice would be appreciated. While in Irkutsk, I'll be sponsored by a local museum. However, I'm trying to find the cheapest route from Alaska.

Name: Kuroda-san - December 21, 2003
E-mail: kuroda@irkutsk.ru
Comments:   Irkutsk State Linguistic University Alumni Page irkutsk-inyaz.narod.ru

Name: alexander goodmanson - December 20, 2003
E-mail: algoodmanson@hotmail.com
Location: christchurch,      newzealand
Comments:   I have made a friend in nz ,who comes from Irkutsk . Checking out his old home town.A facinating city!

Name: Baldvin Bjørnsson - December 18, 2003
E-mail: baldvin@bb-grafiskdesign.dk
Location: Vordingborg,      Denmark
Comments:   Hello my name is Bjørnsson. I am from Iceland but am now living in Denmark. I am a graphic designer and am running my own advertising agency. I am very interested in this part of the world and now when I have been divorced I have plane to visit Irkutsk. The problem is that I need more information about the aerie and would very much meet someone that can be my guide because I don’t speak Russian. Best regards

Name: FEDOR Babanine - December 15, 2003
E-mail: fed1212@yandex.ru
Location: irkuttskj,      russia
Comments:   teest 2 Baikal

Name: FEDOR Babanine - December 13, 2003
E-mail: fed1212@yandex.ru
Location: irkuttsk,      russia
Comments:   test 1lllliiii

Name: Eddie Utay - December 12, 2003
E-mail: eddie@utay.com
Location: Dallas, TX     USA
Comments:   Hello, My name is Eddie Utay and I live in Dallas, Texas USA. I understand there is a town near Irkutsk named Utay. I'm trying to obtain information about the town. I think my ansisters migrated from there. I also understand that there is a school teacher in Utay at the local school that is very knowledgeable about the history of Utay. I would greatly appreciate any information someone could give me about the town of Utay and how to contact someoe who lives there. Thank you, Eddie Utay

Name: Irena Stephanie Knehtl - December 12, 2003
E-mail: iren2003@go.com
Location: Sanaa,      Yemen
Comments:   Greetings from Yemen. A very interesting and informative site about Irkuts and Baikal. Enjoyed visting, but will be soon back for more. Keep up. Greeting from Yemen.

Name: AYMAN AL HALAIQA - December 11, 2003

Name: Greg - December 10, 2003
E-mail: nospam@dot.com
Comments:   Thanks, a cool page and nice city of Irkutsk.

Name: Andrea Marcialis - November 28, 2003
E-mail: +andreamave@tin.it
Location: Venice,      Italy
Comments:   Feeling nostalgic about my transsiberian trip in 2001: nice to find a little Irkutsk on the web. Andrea

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